Been Looking For Amazing Cities? This Is What You Should Know!

Amazing Cities
Best Cities in the World

What do you call a city which is amazing in infrastructure, leisure, beauty, planning, cleanliness and warmth? Heaven of course! Based on how livable a city is it gets ranked internationally and some times wins awards too. Here is a compilation of the world’s most amazing cities and what you should know about them!

Melbourne In Australia

With a defined speed limit of 312 kp/h, this city is the CITY of BATMAN. The best restaurant is on a Tram. 38 % of the population, was born outside Melbourne and the city has the Eureka Tower to take you sky high in just a few moments. Brilliant – is what you can call this city because no one in Melbourne is poor!  So, the next time you want to shift your base and move to another city, just get your tickets for Melbourne. It will not disappoint you.

You may even get to date Batman and have him rescue you from the sky scrapers!

Amazing Cities
Melbourne- The city of Batman and earlier called Batmania
Melbourne- The city of Batman and earlier called Batmania
Helsinki in Finland

Founded by a Swede in 1550 it original name is Helsingfors, which you never knew! Surprisingly, the population of men here is lesser than women making this a women centric society. Being one of the coldest places on Earth, this place does not receive any sunshine for 51 consecutive days in a year! No wonder people here are never tanned! This is the only city in Finland to have a network or railways and subways. Helsinki has a huge Bunny Problem. Talk about Stray dogs in India, Stray Bunnies sounds too cute!

In 1941 , a dog named Jackie imitated Hitler in the way it would greet, by raising a paw which was very similar to the “Heil Hitler “slogan. And the German Embassy in Finland really raised a full fetched inquiry against the dear dog!

Amazing Cities
Helsinki- the Gay capital of the North
Vienna in Austria

Somebody tried making a light bulb and ended up making the snow globe. So actually, the snow globe was made here. Many restaurants allow people to seat their dogs under their chairs while they are eating food. Though it was also segmented into four partitions earlier, today it has been unified under one name and is one of the best cities in the world. It also houses the second largest cemetery in Europe.

Considered to be the best place to party and having night outs is the Danube Canal In Vienna

Amazing Cities
Vienna and the Viennese
Adelaide In Australia

This is famously called the “20 minutes city”, any point in Adelaide can be reached in just twenty minutes from any point in Adelaide. Home to the biggest Glass houses, Adelaide is the Opal Capital of Australia. Make sure that you shop for loads of stuff while you are here.  Housing the biggest Aboriginal displays, this city of churches was set up as a settlement for Free settlers. Adelaide is the lovers choice!

If it is Australia, It has to be Adelaide!

Amazing cities
Adelaide- to steal your heart
Sydney in Australia

Imagine receiving ten million visitors every year for sightseeing and beaches? The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the Widest and the tallest Bridge in the world. In fact its first color was grey because that was the only color which was available in so much quantity. Cricket is the most popular summer sport of the city and the city also hosted the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Arabic is the second language apart from English here.

It is jokingly called the Sin City due to its convict past.

Amazing Cities
Sydney – The Sin City
Calgary in Canada

Still having a wild town image, it is called the CowTown by the locals. With around 120 languages spoken in the city, it has been rated as the cleanest city in the world. Receiving around 2800 hours of sunlight in a year, Calgary is one of the warmer cities in the world. You may want to shift here if you are not a lover of winters. The average life span of a human is 35.7 Years in Calgary .

Every body here wants to volunteer. Calgary has the highest number of volunteers in the world.

Amazing Cities
Calgary- The sunny side Up
Vancouver in Canada

At one time, the Vancouver Art Deco Building was the highest building in the Empire. Built by the Guinness Beer, the bridge that connects west Vancouver with the mainland Vancouver was built to increase settlements and migration. A city housing on of the best Aquariums in the world, Vancouver is the hub of the biggest chink of the LGBT community. Revealing 75000 Sq Ft. Of the sky, Vancouver also has the biggest Retractable roof in the world.

Vancouver also has the fourth Largest Cruise Ship terminal in the World

Amazing Cities
Vancouver – The best of Canada
Toronto in Canada

With 8000 Restaurants, you can surely eat a tummy full here. Toronto has condominiums and universities. It also has the worlds largest tracks for motor vehicles. Completely what a city should be, Toronto is not just beautiful it is alive. Ranked highly as the most livable city of the world, Toronto has a lovely weather too.  A migration to Toronto? Don’t ever let this option go.

Jim Carrey is from Toronto. if not for anything else, just for this Toronto is the best city in the world. 

Amazing Cities
Toronto- living the life

There are different cultures and different races in the world, all trying to prove their superiority upon one another. But to realize that we are all humans prone to making mistakes is the secret to a happy life. So be it any city of the world, if you believe in your own happiness, you will be happy!

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