Best Home Remedies To Keep You Away From The Medicine Shelf!


We are not promoting alternative medicine and not asking you to take chances with your health, but popping a pill every time you have a headache or a spoon of syrup drained down your throat every time you cough a bit is not healthy either! We give you the best home remedies for the common ailments with ingredients right out of your kitchen and leave the choice to you!

1. Honey for Burns and Scratches

The most common problem in the house with children and adults, burns may be minor and major. The most important part is to disinfect the burn to reduce the trouble caused later. And what could work better than the effort of millions of honey bees. Just dab and pat honey on the affected area and watch it heal!

Best Home Remedies
Honey To Heal Burns and Scratches
2. Basil for Cold and Cough

Find me a traditional home which does not grow Basil. Just boil a few leaves in water and add cloves, cinnamon, and luxurious ginger! Add a dash of honey and sip slowly letting is pass through the throat while it is hot! You will fall in love with this.

Best Home Remedies
Basil for Cough and Cold
3. Burning Stomachs and Acidity

Who does not know this? Did you know that a simple thing like a Banana can help get rid of acidity? Alternatively just try this! Add a pinch of baking Soda to eight ounces of water and gulp down. This is immediately relieving. Even better would be to dip some lemon slices in salt and suck them before you start your meal. Either of this would suit your body type for sure!

best Home Remedies
Burning stomachs and Acidity
4. Headaches are irritating, painful and can totally throw you off balance

Childish Bosses, a nagging wife or a girlfriend who refuses to be controlled; the reasons for headaches are uncontrollable. Why are you making the chemists rich by buying over counter medicines for headache? May be you are not very fond of apples but eating apples sprinkled with salt everyday can help. Also placing feet in a warm bath can really relieve it! Just rub a paste of cinnamon made with a spoon of water and cinnamon mixed together on the forehead.

Apples For headaches
Apples For headaches
5. Nausea and Quelling it

Ginger is the saviour, Boil it and strain it and sip it! Simple enough? Okay try this…Boil and strain ginger concoction and freeze it in the ice trays. Keeping popping a cube for the soothing effect! Even better is the chopped ginger with a dash of lemon sprayed on it and all you have to do it suck on it like a candy!

Best home Remedies
6. Silence the Bowels please

Now, Bowel Noise or flatulence is genuinely a bit of a problem! The best that works on all body types is boiling peppermint leaves and water and drinking it twice a day. You could also try ginger water for this too! In fact eating Papayas, like not the entire thing , say just a bowl of papaya chunks everyday is also beneficial to stop the gurgle and the of course the fragrance not so pleasant!

Best Home Remedies
Flatulence and Gas
7. Worried about Smelly Feet?

We cannot replace or exchange feet and surprisingly some people have body odour and some just don’t . In a case where you feel shy of taking off your shoes, just dip your feet in a vinegar soak every night before sleep. And poof it goes away!

Best Home Remedies
Smelly Feet

Simple yet effective, home remedies have redefined the way we handle common ailments. In case you wish to read more about this , let us know in the comments section!

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