Beware: Pac-Mans To Run A Riot In Your Neighborhood, Today!

Google turns a big surprise on April Fool's Day!! We love it, so will you!


It’s the invasion of the Pac-mans!! Yes, you have heard that damn right! And we are definitely not talking about the latest cyber threat lurking around in the corner. Google has rolled out an awesome hack on their map application, where the entire map around your neighborhood, changes into the dark, glowing streets where the pac-man’s wreak havoc. And its not just in your neighborhood, its anywhere in the damn world!

All you need to do is – Open Google maps on your desktop browser and click on the pac-man icon right at the bottom on the left.


And you won’t be labelled as a terrorist if you swish past the powerhouses of Delhi…

10 Jan Path Map

…Just for this day though, suck it all up!!

10 Jan Path PacMan Map

You can zoom past the historical corridors of the great Taj Mahal…

Taj Mahal Map

 …eating up your enemies like a mad man on the rampage!!

Taj Mahal PacMan Map

You can take your team of Pac-Mans to the awe-inspiring structure of the Charminar….

Charminar Map

…and roll along the circles, dodging and swerving the gnawing bots running after you!! Hell yeah!!

Charminar PacMan Map

Marine Drive is gonna witness history with zillions of pac-mans scampering around the Queen’s necklace…

Marine Drive Map

and brighten up lights on a Wednesday evening!

Marine Drive PacMan Map

If looping through the Chennai flyovers are not exciting enough….

Chennai Looping Bridges Map Chennai Looping Bridges PacMan Map

Then you may consider losing your way in the mazes of the famed Connaught place…

Connaught Place PacMan Map

…Enjoy all the fun guys! And if you find a better place to hunt down the pac-mans on April Fool’s day, let us know!!

Connaught Place Map

All Image Sources are from Google Maps

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