Cinthol Goes Online Asking Us To Be Offline: Alive Is Offline

Alive is offline

Recently the World Wide Web completed 25 years. The digital age is over us. We have an unbeatable urge to be online 24*7. Where is this excess use of internet taking us? Internet addiction has a negative effect on academics – a drop in grades, family relations – having to hide their excessive Internet use from parents, physical health – sleep deprivation due to long hours of Internet use, mental health – depression and finances – cost of accrued Internet expenses.

“Alive is offline” is a campaign launched by Cinthol. The idea is to connect to the young, live-for-the moment India that is always glued to one screen or another.

This two minute film is produced by BWP Totem Productions showcasing the outer world which is much more beautiful than the virtual world. It showcases how rewarding a life of nature and adventure is, if people would only give it a chance!

Take a look!!

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