Common Myths and Beliefs about the food we love which have been fooling us for so long!

Myths and beliefs
If you really think that you are not doing anything wrong as far as your health is concerned, you may be mistaken. Here is a quick look at how we amuse ourselves by thinking that we are eating just right! Take a look at what the realities are and how much they differ from what we are made to believe in.
Some Food Myths and Beliefs – Bombed and Busted!

Myth: Chocolate causes Acne

Truth: Years ago I believed so too but studies have proven that the two have no connection at all. So now you can fearlessly eat chocolate, unless you are trying to get in the size zero mode of course. You may gain a bit of weight but not even a zit on your face can be contributed to by the humbly delicious chocolate.

Myths and beliefs
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Myth : Heating Olive Oil Spoils it, you can’t cook Olive Oil

Truth: It Does not matter! Cooking olive oil does not alter it at all. You  may not be able to get the oily feel out of the food being cooked in Olive oil but certainly you can cook in Olive oil. Try Indian cooking too! It is surprisingly stable unless you really burn it to its burning point , which apparently for olive oil is quite high – Say around 405 degrees Fahrenheit. Need we say more?



Myths and Beliefs

Myth : Artificial Sweeteners help you lose weight

Truth : Now the rats in the Purdue University of Indiana did get fatter when they consumed Artificial Sweeteners. Basically, it has been proven that sweeteners break down the link between the taste and the sugars thereby making you fatter over a long period of time. Seems Bipasha Basu endorsing the sweeteners is fit because of aerobics and working out – certainly not because of the sweeteners!

Myths and beliefs

Myth: Apples are awesome and as good for you as they were some years ago!

Truth: An apple in 1940 contained three times as much iron as today’s supplies. So the Apple that ‘WAS’ is not the Apple that ‘IS’. This mainly happens because of growing the same crops over the same soil again and again! No wonder the agriculturists keep harping about crop rotation!

Myths and beliefs

Myth : Fruit Juices are made of Fruit

Truth: So the next time you are sipping fruit juice thinking you are drinking liquid fruit, remember that all you are consuming,  is sugars. Nothing much of the fruit is left after the pulp has been squeezed out. So even if it says, it is 100 % Fruit juice, know that it is 100% Fruit Sugars!

Myths And Beliefs

Myth : Brown Bread Vs White Bread – Brown Wins!

Truth: Not every brown bread is made out of whole grain. A lot of brown bread in the market is brown due to the various coloring agents and preservatives. So every brown bread that you are eating is not healthy but may be more harmful than the white bread itself. You need to know how trust worthy the bakery is before you  choose the brown bread for your health!

Myths and beliefs

Myth: Eating late at night is bad for your health and makes you Fat

Truth: Nothing like this is true. You put on weight when you eat more calories than you can burn during the day. Eating at night or wee hours of the morning does not matter. What makes the difference to the weight is how much you have eaten and what you have chosen to eat. So, be it day or night, eating small portions of food that has been calorific-ally balanced is important.

Myths and beliefs

Myth: Veggies should be fresh. Frozen veggies are of no use!

Truth: It is in fact the other way around. Actually, the fruit or the vegetable starts loosing its nutritional value , the moment it is picked up from the farm. By the time the fresh veggies and fruits reach the grocery store, they have become a waste any ways. On the other hand, veggies and fruits picked up from the farm are directly preserved and frozen , making them retain more of nutrition and hence a better nutritive value. You can still make your choice after you have read this! Myths and beliefs

Myth: Honey is better than Sugar

Truth: Honey contains fructose, which causes obesity and diabetes if consumed in excessive quantities. it may be a better option than sugar for some, but the fact is that honey has more calories packed in a spoonful than a spoonful of sugar. 

Myths and beliefs


Eat right and Eat at the right time ! That is the only mantra that you can blindly follow for good health. In the magnificent “Era of Adulteration” prevalent today, you can seriously doubt the purity of the drinking water being supplied. Careful and cautious, we can live a healthy life for sure!


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