Dance to the Period Song and Celebrate Womanhood with Girliyapa


Menses are no longer a taboo. Period. The girl gang Girliyapa together with Sumukhi Suresh, Rickshawali, The Styledge and the TVF team proves the same through the peppy groovy cover that goes like “Chaar Din Huye Lekin Period Abhi Baki Hai”.

The video rightly changes your notion about your monthly “woes” and encourages you to happily join the period club to enjoy the sisterhood. Oh wait! Even men are invited. Only rule is– YOU GOTTA TALK ABOUT IT.

Girliyapa has promised to post women special videos throughout the year and not only on Women’s Day. After all, that’s only fair, right? 😉

Watch the video below and stay proud of your Womanhood Swag!

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