From Dark Magic to Glow-in-the-Dark! Sizzling Harry Potter Book Designs

We can't wait to lay our hands on one of these! Collector's items, they are surely gonna make you miss those days when you delved into the Forbidden Forest!

Harry Potter Feature Image

We all love Harry Potter don’t we? Doesn’t matter whether one is 12 or 22, if given a chance we would go through those magical pages innumerable times. Wandering through those moonlit passages of Hogwarts, in the shrouded veil of the invisibility cloak, the thrill of the Quidditch world cups and blooming romance of the world of the wonder boy that JK Rowling wrote with such fiery imagination!

How would you love to make it through those magical Hogwarts express once again, reliving those moments through the pages that looks life like?

The illustrious cover redesign of the famed Harry Potter series has thrown a new dimension to how we perceive and imagine this world of magic. Kincső Nagy, a Hungarian design grad has created magic in the dark.

She had chosen a simple looking black cover for the book series. Each of the books of the 7 part series depicts a certain symbolism on the front cover. Take a closer look below… Rings a bell?

HP Design in Light

And then comes the surprise, when Nagy simply blows your mind off. When you switch off the lights, the book glows emitting a mysterious bluish light that immediately makes you go OMG!

 HP GLow in the Dark

The inside of the book contains those nostalgic pop designs each of which is coloured with stencil, and photo shopped for that ultimate satisfaction.HP Inside Design HP Inside Design HP Inside Design HP Inside Design

The design actually reminds of those wonderful pop up books we used to read and how fascinated we were during those days of awesomeness. Yes, it truly brings out the sole spirit that Harry Potter has lived on. It brings magic to life, it brings extraordinaire to the mundane and simply put, it just makes us smile and share.

Harry Potter Collection Pages -Inside

Image Source: Behance

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