This Deepika Padukone Video Shot For Vogue Empower Is A Stand Against All Stereotypes


Deepika Padukone’s recent confessions about depression and how to overcome the dark days is not the only viral thing on the internet. Making a bold move, Deepika stars in this two and half minute Vogue Empower video directed by Homi Adajania along with 99 other women from all the divisions of the country, making it very clear that everything that a woman does is completely her own choice.

This video is for all those narrow-minded men (and women) who judge women for their decisions and habits. For the rapists and the so-called-educated sector of the society who think women are fragile flowers, meant to be protected by men.

She is not meant to be caged.
She got wings and she’ll spread them as and when she decides.
It’s her choice. You have no say in that.

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