Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Reactions!

Life beyond the 'Like' with Facebook Reactions!!

facebook reactions

How many times have you wished for a Facebook dislike button? Well, innumerable times I’d rather say! With the hordes of creeps and imbeciles lurking around, you just cannot be preachy.

Sadly, I have to say, you are not going to get one soon, but hey wait, you are going to get a hell lot more of it! ‘Reactions’ is right now, making waves around the social media and yes, no prizes for guessing, people are going bonkers over why Facebook is beating around the bush and not introducing a dislike button for us.

If you still don’t have a clue of what we are talking about here, here’s a one liner for you –

[quote_box_center]Facebook is testing a new feature which it calls ‘Reactions’. This feature introduces six new emoji cartoons which you can use while responding to a friend’s post. These are love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and angry.[/quote_box_center]

Which are you today?

But I wanted a dislike button, instead of these useless emoji’s. That would have made life much simpler isn’t it?

According to the Facebook product development team, it seems people were never really wanted a dislike button. Yes, it does seem at first glance, Facebook should have a Dislike button, because it comes naturally when you have the like option to a post.

I’d say that this has been Facebook’s philosophy from the beginning. They have consciously discouraged internet trolling and spreading ‘dislikes’ every time you say something on social media, which might have misplaced. And it also allays fears, that this negativity will not discourage people to leave the social media platform.

When can I start doing those wow’s and yay’s to my cute next door neighbor? Are we even gonna get the ‘Facebook Reactions’ anytime soon?

Well, here’s the catch. Facebook is testing this feature with a small set of test users. But that’s kind of tricky for Facebook. If I am based out of the US and I can ‘Haha’ my friend’s post, who is in Amsterdam, and he can’t see my ‘Haha’ then it’s effectively, not the most ideal test scenarios. So the big daddy has now zeroed in onto the Irish and Spaniards who most likely don’t have friends outside the country. Facebook thinks that Ireland and Spain are relatively isolated.  

Have you been using the Facebook sticker comments frequently? Well, then you have it there!

Word is around that Facebook has heavily considered what sticker comments their users have been using since its launch last year. They have studied and tracked what people usually use in the sticker comments to express what they feel about various posts and how that expression came out. That helped them zero in on these 6 winning emoji’s. Facebook also zeroed in on the single worded comments that came out in posts, and that became a crucial deciding factor for the facebook Reactions.

Have you ever wished for something beyond the like? It seems you have, quite a lot!

Facebook Users have constantly bombarded the feedback system, with new requests for something beyond the like. And this is Facebook listening to its users and granting their wishes! Manifold! Well, talk about wishes coming true!! 

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