The Fate of The Major Characters In Game of Thrones Season 7

Turns out That Season 7 Will Set the Stage For the Great War


HBO has always been extremely protective when it comes to their most prized possession that is Game of Thrones. But this year they confirmed the “cyber incident which resulted in the compromise of propriety information.” A certain Reddit user who later deactivated his profile had leaked almost the entire plot of Game of Throne Season 7 which was immediately deleted. But a few hackers managed to make several copies of the post. So Good News spoiler-heads! We probably know the fate of the major and here are the most intriguing moments that are going to take place in the coming episodes:

Cersei, the beloved Mad Queen


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Yes I know she is evil in the core and she might end up proving herself an absolute fool but haven’t she given us enough reason to fall for her already? I mean if you deny the fact that you secretly felt glad to see the wild fire blow up the High Sparrow then you are lying to yourself. There was a time in Game of thrones when misogyny ran rampant in the world of Westeros. But now look at Cersei, the first woman to sit on the Iron Throne and three episodes into this season she have won every game she has played! Be it by using Euron to destroy all Dany’s alliances or serving justice to her only daughter who was poisoned by Ellaria and her Sand Snakes. But things aren’t going to turn out as fortunate for her anymore in the next 4 episodes. In one of the episodes we will see her waking up in a blood soaked bed probably from a miscarriage. Now that we all have seen “The Queen’s Justice” it isn’t heard to guess who the father was. Later in the series at one point she will promise Jon to provide help for the war against the White Walkers but will confess to Jaime that she lied. That she actually wants the army of dead to kill her enemies. This shows that no matter how good she is at playing the Game of Thrones, she is weak and short-sighted at the end of the day.

The Stark Siblings

After Bran, Arya is going to return to Winterfell in the next episode named “Spoils of War”. But remember the Stark sisters were not really fond of each other? So we really have to wait to see what their reaction will be after reuniting. But one thing is confirm, Littlefinger, the old dolt will try everything in his power to pit Arya and Sansa against each other. But thanks to Bran Sansa will see through Littlefinger’s ploy and will sentence him to death. The execution will be carried out by Arya.

Bran is already back at Winterfell. Meera will now leave to return to Neck, her home.

Coming to one of the best part…..

Jon Snow/ Aegon Targaryen?

We already know from Bran’s visions that the R+L=J theory was right. In this season Sam is going to discover that Jon is not Rhaegar’s bastard son because his birth was legitimized. Infact, Rhaegar and Lyanna did get married. Jon’s real name happens to be Aegon. Sam will probably leave Citadel and jouney towards Winterfell along with Gilly and baby Sam. Jon, Sam, Bran, Arya and Sansa might end up together in Winterfell sometime during this season.

jon and tormund compressedLater Jon and his friends will try to find a white walker (zombie) in order to prove to the other Lords of Westeros that the Knight King and his army are real. Jon’s group will include Jorah (who will reunite with Danearys), Tormund, Beric and Thoros of Myr (the Brotherhood without Banners were taken captive by Tormund for some reason) and Gendry! Yes he will finally be back and will join the brotherhood. The entire gang will get surrounded by the White Walkers on a frozen lake while the Knight’s King will try to crush them. But just then Danearys and her Dragons will fly in and rescue everyone except Jon. He will be left behind alone to fight the Army of Dead. Benjen will come at his rescue. Unfortunately he will die while saving Jon.

Also it is being said that the Knight’s king will kill one of Dany’s Dragons, probably Viserion, and will resurrect him as a zombie Dragon mount.

The Lannister-Dothraki Showdown

In the “Spoils of War” preview we already hear Dany saying “enough of the clever games”. Seriously enough of it! She has three Dragons, the Dothraki blood riders and an army of the Unsullied and yet she is losing! Unacceptable isn’t it? The good news is like Lady Ollena the Dragon Queen has decided to ignore the clever men and “be a Dragon”. So when she gets to know that her Unsullied were tricked by the Lannisters, she immediately rides to the South with Drogon and the Dothraki army. Together they launch a full scale attack on the Lannister army. Drogon wrecks the Lannisters but somehow is wounded by Jaime. Jaime too avoids the Dragon’s fire by inches thanks to Bronn.


At some point Tyrion will reunite with Jaime and will try to persuade him to make Cersei surrender. Jaime of course refuses the offer.

The Dragon-Pit Scene

There will be a scene this season where all the major characters will be together. The scene will take place in the Dragon pit in King’s Landing where Jon will bring the white (zombie) he has captured. Cersei will order the Mountain to kill the white. But the white won’t die even after being torn to pieces. Seeing this all the Lords of Westeros will realize the danger.

The Wall will Fall

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For six seasons, the Wall is described as this magical building that stands between people from the inside and the outside. There is no way to bring it down. Thanks to Viserion, who is now resurrected as the zombie mount, the wall falls down at the end of Season 7.

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