Father-Son Cricketers That Rocked Cricket! Get The Pulse!!

father-son Cricketers

We love the game and of course love the Cricketers but you may have not known about the father-Son Cricketers who have been shaping the history of this high pulsed game. For all the cricket lovers, this one is just for you!

1.Peter and Shaun Pollock

Country – South Africa

Family– Peter Pollock is the brother of  the Legend Graeme and his son, Shaun has been one of the most successful bowlers in the cricket history. Highest run getter at 3781 runs and a successful bowling stint at 421 wickets make him an example for the game!

father-son Cricketers
Peter and Shaun Pollock
2. Geoff, Shaun and Mitchell Marsh

Country – Australia

Family –  The right hand opener from Australia, Geoff Marsh played a total of 50 tests and is credited with Australia’s 1987 World Cup Win. The son, Shaun Marsh is a left-hand batsman who debuted against Sri Lanka in 2011. And then the youngest all rounder sibling joined in 2014. That is Cricket in the blood!

father-son Cricketers
The Marsh Cricket
3. Nawab Patuadi Sr and MAK Pataudi

Country – India

Family –  The father Nawab Pataudi was the only Cricketer who played for India and England both. He debuted in the Ashes at the SCG and played only two more games for England. Then the son, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, played 40 Captain Games, in 46 Tests and scored a total of 34.91 average with 2793 runs.

father-son Cricketers
Pataudi Cricket
4. Walter Hadlee & Richard Hadlee

Country New zealand

Family – On both sides of the World War 2, Hadlee played! 11 Test matches and with five sons, he had a lot to give to the game. Out of the three sons, Sir Richard was the most famous. He was the best bowler New Zealand had ever seen.

father-son Cricketers
Hadlee Cricket
5. Hanif Mohammad & Shoaib Mohammad 

Country –  Pakistan

Family – Talk about the longest Test Innings in the history of sports and this is a name you would say! 970 minutes of a elongated run on the ground, makes him almost a superhuman. His son has not been that talented but still remembered for some matches that he played with excellence.

Father-Son Cricketer

6. Chris Broad & Stuart Broad

Country – England

Family – 25 Tests and 34 ODIs is what the father played. And the son needs no introduction with his test debut in 2007 December, and is a third ranker on the wicket-eater list of England.

father-son Cricketers
The Broad Cricket

We know you love cricket . Tell us what more would you like to know about it and we will post if for you!

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