First Snapdeal Now Yatra: App Rating Feature Again Used As Public Court


The review and rating feature of the mobile app stores has suddenly become a public court of opinion and a platform for placing irrelevant customer grievances against company’s decisions and marketing schemes rather than one for addressing the technical or service-related issues of the particular app. recently launched its highly controversial commercial where the JNU student activist Kanhaiya Kumar was spoofed by his look-alike in a funny yet questionable manner. As a result, internet went bonkers! Plethora of positive and negative reactions started pouring in on Facebook and Twitter, both being of extreme nature. But that wasn’t enough. The Yatra mobile application in the app store witnessed a tug of war between people giving them 5-star and 1-star-ratings in high numbers solely based on their opinion of the new ad.

While some people vowed to give up using Yatra’s services because they found the advertisement to be highly insulting to the oppressed section of the society who are trying to raise a voice, there were also those who used the most flattering words to praise the concept and message of the ad besides promising to make all their bookings through them. It is indeed quite fascinating to see how one small ad can influence so many minds in such a strong way.

Yatra Snapdeal App-Rating-Reaction

Public reaction in app rating

If you remember, Snapdeal faced a similar situation not very long ago when their mobile application got bombarded with 1 star ratings and extremely negative reviews by large number of users not because of any highly sensitive bug or technical glitch in their application but because, Aamir Khan who happened to be its brand ambassador publicly made a certain comment on ‘Intolerance’. Yes, that is exactly how oversensitive, over-expressive and impulsive social media is nowadays. But the saddest part was, Snapdeal did not renew its contract with the actor after this episode thereby validating those reactions.

While customers are completely entitled to make decisions regarding which company’s service they would use, isn’t it slightly irrational of the consumers to rate a mobile application based on factors not related to their technology or service? When we browse through the play store for a certain type of app and get confused with the many similar options available, we generally go by the ratings and the reviews. Now if that data is wrongly based on unrelated factors, then don’t you think this process becomes rather misleading? For example, after the Kanhaiya spoof ad, Yatra’s app rating has gone up when technically speaking, it has a very sub-standard interface with many important features absent. It badly needs improvement if it has to come any close to its competitors.

In case you haven’t already checked out the most talked-about ad of Yatra, you can watch it below.

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