From Crayons To Mobile Atms, 7 Survival Attempts That Chennai Floods Made!!

    Chennai Floods

    While Chennai battled floods, the country prayed and tried helping in whatever way possible! But presence of mind is what is most needed is cases like this and Chennai Proudly used these six things to help themselves till Aid reached! This will make you gasp and be a proud Indian! We pray for the lives affected by the Chennai Floods!

    The influential people helped and so did the government, but what matters is the instinct to survive! 

    6. Raft boats

    Not the super fine rafts used for luxury divings but motivating ones made with bamboo sticks and tyre tubes. Mobility and saving many life the simple way!

    Chennai Floods
    Raft Boats
    5. Drums Transport

    Drums made of plastic were used to transport people and move around in water as they float well enough and are bigger accommodating more people.

    Chennai Floods
    Drums used for transport and carriage
    4. Bamboo Houses

    96 Square feet in size, this house is brilliantly enough to sustain within, till those who have lost their houses find means to build new ones.

    Chennai Floods
    Houses Makeshift
    3. Siddha Medicines

    Siddha medicines kept the patients hopeful such that they were able to avoid fevers and infections till medical help arrived.

    Chennai Floods
    Siddha Medicines
    2. Mobile ATMs

    Instead of going from one place to another, mobile ATMs went from one lane to another, helping people with money needed to survive.Money for everything!

    Chennai Floods
    Mobile ATMs

    Who would know that crayons could effectively work as candles but they lit many nights in Chennai. Crayola helped many nights stay bright despite the despair!

    Chennai Floods
    Crayola Lights

    This is exactly why we are proud! Share with us more instances that you may have heard or faced in the recent mishap! We would be proud to share it with our readers!

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