Game of Thrones Season 7: Stormborn

Stormborm The Second Episode of Season 7 is No Less Glorious Than the Previous One. Rather With All the Puss, Nudity and Gory it Brings Game of Thrones Back to its Norm.


Game of Thrones Season 7 started with the most brilliant season opener episode one can recall. With Arya mass murdering the Freys, Cersei planning to marry Euron Greyjoy and Danearys finally arriving to Westeros, ‘Dragonstone’ kept us hooked from the opening scene to the closing credits. And ‘Stormborn’, the second episode of the season proved to be no less glorious and not a moment of the episode feels wasted. Now, this article is a recap of ‘Stormborn’, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, let me warn you SPOILERS ARE HERE!!

The episode opened in Dragonstone where Danearys suddenly felt the need to make Varys clarify why he once conspired against her some six years ago. That is precisely what happens when you are stuck in a draughty castle because it’s raining cats and dogs outside all day—you get the blues. I totally feel you there Danny. But all jokes apart there is something really concerning about Danearys emulating the Mad King by threatening to burn Varys alive if he betrays her. Talking of burning people alive, Melinsandre reappears and brings up the whole “Azor Ahai” thing which has been the most discussed theory of the series. Turns out that “The Prince that was promised” is a mistranslation as according to Missandei “the noun in high Valerian has no gender.” So it can be either a Prince or a Princess who can bring back the dawn and Melisandre counsels Danearys to summon Jon Snow as she feels both Dany and Jon has a role to play!

A few scenes later we see Danearys and her allies discussing the war plans. Tyrion discloses the strategy that is the Dornish and the Tyrell army will besiege King’s Landing while the Dothraki and the Unsullied will take Casterly Rock.

stormborn3 compressed And in the very next scene where Missandei comes to bid farewell to Grey Worm he proves that he is not utterly useless as a boyfriend but has very VERY skillfull tongue.

Up North Jon receives two letters. One from Tyrion inviting him to join forces with the Dragon Queen in order to end Cersei’s tyranny. The other from Sam telling him about the dragonglass mountain on Dragonstone. Such co-incidence, much wow! But Jon faces some trouble to convince the Northern Lords that in order to defeat the Night’s King no one can be a better ally than the Dragon Queen. He leaves for Dragonstone with Ser Davos anyway, leaving Winterfell in the good hands Sansa.

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But! Before leaving Littlefinger comes up to Jon in the crypts. Lord Baelish in the much awaited moment of the season tries to nobble Jon out of North by revealing to him his true parentage in an intensely dramatic flourish….No you didn’t miss it. I made that up. I so wanted this to happen. But Baelish just wanted Jon to know he loves Sansa the way he loved her mother. Moron!!

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Somewhere else in Westeros (I don’t really know where) Arya has found Hot Pie. While discussing about Pies (though Arya skillfully refused to reveal her secret recipe) Hot Pie informs Arya that Jon is now the new King in the North. Arya immediately starts riding towards Winterfell to meet her beloved brother and on her way reunites with her long lost direwolf Nymeria. But sadly Nymeria has new friends now and though she recognizes Arya she turns her back towards her.

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Cersei’s monologue on the Mad King’s daughter unwittingly reveals that she is as xenophobic as Donald Trump! But what is more disturbing is that the creepy old Qyburn has found a “solution” for the Dragons- a huge Crossbow. I wonder how excited the little skanky Joffrey would be if he were alive.

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Back in Oldtown seems like Sam has got a day off from poop scooping and is anxious to help Ser Jorah.

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On the way back to Sunspear Ellaria and Yara discusses about Theon while being cosy with each other. But that is exactly when Euron had to attack the fleet. Damn you Euron!! Also it is pretty clear now that Ellaria was the priceless gift that Euron had promised to bring for Cersei.He murders two of the Sand snakes and takes Yara hostage. Theon during this crisis being true to his nature jumps off the board to save his ass. Stormborn ends with Theon floating in the water watching the hell burn around him.

theon compressedMaybe this is where Gendry comes in. You never know!

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