General Bakshi Weeping on Air and Touching Message by HRD Minister

General Bakshi Smriti Irani Newshour

“Under that flag, everyday, knowingly, unknowingly, know this, we shall be grateful forever.” –HRD Minister to Retd. Maj. Gen. Bakshi

At yesterday’s Newshour debate on Times Now, we saw a soldier weeping. Retd. Major General G. D. Bakshi, who has selflessly fought for the nation and its people with utmost valor, was tired of defending the HRD Minister, Smriti Irani’s decision to make it compulsory for every central university in India to hoist the National Flag inside its premises.

It was a sad and embarrassing moment for the entire country. We have visibly failed our brave soldiers and belittled their sacrifices.

The Indian National Flag, with its significant tricolor has its own lessons to give. Probably by seeing it everyday, the students will be reminded of their greater purpose in life, which is forming a better India, the right way. And even if it does not have any tangible benefit, what is the harm in this decision? Is it too much to ask from Indian educational institutions?

Watch Smriti Irani’s beautiful and touching words for General Bakshi as she jumped in on time to console him while he wiped his tears.

Later tonight General Bakshi went ahead and posted an emotional message on Facebook and Twitter.

General Bakshi General Bakshi’s Facebook Status

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