Get Service – There Is More To What You Can See!! Seriously!


Get Service – This video may not seem too much in the beginning. But even one look for the first ten seconds will tell you that there is so much beyond what the eyes can see.

How many times have you cribbed and cursed the world around you for being indifferent and negligent to you!

How many times have you thought that the one in front of you is mannerless and have not learnt an iota of courtesy?

This is the story of a man who was able to see beyond what the eyes can see and a simple help from God makes him realise the power of seeing beyond what is evident.

We hope you like the video and see beyond the visible to see how much pain and sorrow exists! Maybe even bigger than the greatest of the problems that you may have ever seen!

Enjoy! And Open Your Eyes to the World!

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