Project Ara - Google's New Modular Phone
Project Ara - Google's New Modular Phone. Source:

I am going to give you a crazy idea! Well, I should ask you a few questions first?

Have you ever played around with Lego in your early days?

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to surf up tons of crappy e-com sites when you wanted to have a superior camera on your phone because you are going on a one off trip to Paris?

Ever wished that you wouldn’t have to go to the service centre just because your phone’s got sloppy and these guys are charging a fortune to upgrade the RAM?

Well, if any of the answers to these questions are No, then you should stop reading this article and fly kites. If any of it is a yes, then read on…

It’s going to revolutionize the hardware industry, if Google can turn their Prototype Ara project into a commercially viable model, then you are going to witness, probably the greatest innovations in the history of technology.

What is Project Ara?

It’s Google latest pet project, where the company will only model the phone’s endoskeleton sans all the other hardware parts that are required. You, the buyer will be able to snap in and snap out the rest of it as you please. Each of these distinct modules of hardware will be integrated keeping in mind the various manufacturers. As a result of this Google might have to break bones with the major hardware manufacturers to make the modules in a different light – parallel and compatible with each other, so that the components snap in and gives you a brand new configuration in the blink of an eye.

A Look into the future of smart phone
A Look into the future of smart phone and Open Hardware Concept. Source:

It’s a larger than life concept. Imagine the potentiality of this, where you come back from office with a Dual core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB of disk space, freshen up, reconfigure to a quad core, 16GB RAM with super-fast graphics and get a high end gaming console right there, sitting on your couch and sipping coffee. Incredible!

This is not all, you can even unmount all the modules, choose to flip to a smaller/mini frame, and go for a run, with music in your ears, or when its handy, you can change it back to a bigger frame, and catch up on the latest presentations for the upcoming sales pitch that you are working on.

Its plug and play in its purest form! It gives your phone a lifetime of longevity where you can upgrade, replace, swap, organise as per your changing needs and hassles. It’s fluidic bliss.

Why Ara?

The first and the primary reason is that, it gives you a new dimension, of using the mobile that you love so much and it will give customisation a new name.

It will create a surge of developers and hardware manufacturers a new breed of enthusiasm, which has the potential of propelling this industry manifold. These industries will get a complete makeover, from mobiles to desktop PCs and hard core coding.

The next Big Thing, Fluidic Hardware- Modular Phone
The next Big Thing, Fluidic Hardware- Modular Phone – Source:

Innovation breakthrough – Remember how the smart phone concept gripped the markets and how android made it larger? Gone are those days of Open source software, it’s the age of open hardware. Millions of hardware companies manufacturing the modules, making it even better and a creating a smoother interface for the consumers!

It’s not all hunky dory though at the moment, one of the major challenge is the integration of the different components put into multiple circuit boards, unlike traditional phones. It’s insane, and crazy, but Google has always lived up the crazy ideas and pulling them off like a Swiss clock.

If you are lucky enough to see this, then you are lucky to hold onto your hands, a part of history probably, something that’s so personal and intimate to you will work to your whims and wishes and it won’t just be apps that you shop for anymore!

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