‘What’s Your Cup Size?’ – How this start-up GingerCup is Making Heads Turn With it’s Coffee Cup Branding


‘Technology can cover miles in a split second, but often fails to cross the bridge between two hearts’



Advertising is all about connecting and when you connect with your audience, it’s always the uncharted and unconventional ideas that stand out. In an era of increasingly digitized world, if you are not on the internet with a streaming social media timeline, you are simply nowhere in the race. This is where this innovative start up called Ginger Cup spreads its wings. Digital advertising is undeniably the in-thing, but how do you really bridge the gap between the mass and the class.

When Narendra Modi kick started the ‘Chai pe Charcha’ campaign, the country had never heard anything like this before. It has been a unique marketing campaign that made even the non believers lookup to the government. Well, it all started there. And you ask, how can a cup of tea promote a brand?

So what do the guys at GingerCup do?

GingerCup - Profile

Simply put it’s called Paper Cup Advertising. They design exquisite paper cups and flyers with a strategically placed message of the product or the company. They work with companies and create a brand where there is none. A well placed and targeted message in coffee cup immediately engages your customer. Caffeine heightens your senses and puts your mind and body in a more receptive state. And then bang! You hold up your cup and you notice the punch line brightly printed on the cup. It creates an engagement by touch and the brand successfully makes a head away in holding up a positive perception in the customer’s mind.

And how the hell is paper cup advertising better than going digital?

You can’t really compare apples or oranges? Can you? While digital marketing and branding as it own place and audience, this form of branding is unique in its way and connects directly with your customer. In this you go where your customer’s are. Imagine a wintry afternoon and you hang out on a cafe joint, with a warm cup of coffee/tea cupped cosily. The brand engraved on your cup has a message for you. You are in a happy state of the mind and every time you take a sip you see the message. This powerful marketing touch point takes place for an average of 37 mins of consumption, according to a study. Until you finish the coffee, the brand enjoys your undivided attention and it’s enough time to put forward the message to the consumer. The expert team at GingerCup first decides the right set of people to target, the quantum of cups to be distributed, and the places where the cups are to be distributed. A purposefully designed quality tea cup gets the brand noticed and spoken about. People seem to enjoy every sip of their kick-start drink (tea /coffee) and thus spend ample to have it. So, while having it, they see an alluring ad right in their hand. Resultantly, it is not only welcomed but also shared further through word of mouth.


Well…what is so powerful about that?
GingerCup-Campaign -Clovia
Ginger Cup-Campaign Clovia. Source.

A recent study of 900 coffee consumers who were asked if they could recall what was on their coffee cup after one hour of its disposal. The study revealed that all 900 could remember exactly what they viewed on their coffee cup.

 Take the example of Clovia’s recent outdoor campaign, where the upcoming online lingerie and nightwear brand had successfully roped in the team at Ginger Cup and distributed 50,000 paper cups over 8 days in Bengaluru. The campaign had a strategically placed quirky message, enough to grab your attention and create more awareness about the brand.

Wondering how does that ‘fit’ the campaign and spread the message? The paper cups had the lines “What’s your cup size? A perfect bra is like a perfect man – supportive and close to heart”. A call to action directed the reader to the Clovia website to take the ‘Fit Test’.


…But do I really need paper cup advertising for my business?

Ah, well… read on

  1. Custom paper cups really helps you get up close and personal with your consumer. You serve them a nice does of caffeine and get the dopamine oozing out of their brains, and then finally, you say what you have to say, in the wittiest possible way.
  2. GingerCup branding goes easy on your budget, especially, if you are building a start up and is doing everything you can to reach out. Produced in large numbers Coffee Cup Advertising arguably becomes one the cheapest cost per message (CPM) advertising medium. Even falling below digital and pay per click (PPC) rates which average $0.09 cents.
  3. Paper cup advertising lets you take charge and acts as an ice breaker. Not always you have the people talking in a social meet or a gathering. An innovative message can go a long way to bring up a pleasant conversation about your business and pave the way forward.
  4. Gingercup provide your business with a simplicity that’s missing in all sort of advertising and marketing strategies. In this world of cut throat competition, give your consumers a breather – serve them a hot cuppa coffee…
  5. Generate and convert leads into customers by integrating QR codes and NFC technologies embedded in the cup. People now feed on digital, so with Ginger Cups you shake hands with your consumer in the traditional way possible which can seamlessly pave the way to the digital integration of your product and the consumer.

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