“I decided that there’s nothing wrong In What We Call as Feminism” – Malala Yousafzai In a Powerhouse Conversation with Emma Watson

If feminism wasn't powerful, if feminism wasn't influential, people wouldn't spend so much time putting it down. - Jessica Valenti

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Feminism, has somehow been the most misunderstood words in the urban dictionary since the past few years. Yes, everybody identifies with it – the meaning of it – distorted or true doesn’t matter. But hardly a handful of us understands what it actually constitutes of. It’s not just a way of life, not a flag that needs to be raised at every single opportunity, not just a medium for the oppressed, to come out of their shells. Its more about freedom of the spirit.

Its bigger than that, it’s how mankind has evolved, it’s how we help tolerance, its how we have helped ourselves, grow. Ideologies, opinions, equality – all have co-existed.

Into Film Festival‘s special screening Emma Watson spoke with Malala Yousafzai, of He Named Me Malala, actress credits Watson’s inspirational UN speech as the source for her inspiration to be termed as a feminist.

When Emma Watson spoke about Feminism at the UN, she changed perceptions, she broke barriers, definitions and what makes you a feminist. She spoke about how the meaning of feminism has changed and evolved to have a negative persona. Its the idea and the ambition, behind the word that inspires and motivates. We may still far away from what Watson indicated during the speech, but that day marked a huge moment when she officially ‘invited’ the men of our society to make gender equality/feminism a matter of their own. Its about freedom for both!

As blissfully unaware of the fact, she have invoked quite a bit of emotions in Malala, and she spoke about it at length during her interview with Watson.

Replying to a question about men’s role in feminism, Yousafzai talked about her father’s positive impact she had on her life and understanding of gender equality. But, Yousafzai says, “this word ‘feminism’ has been a very tricky word.”

You can watch the full interview, at Watson’s FB profile page.


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