Think Your Watch Is Good Enough? Check How Time Changes With The World’s Best Watchmakers!

Best Watchmakers
Is a watch just a mechanical wheel spinning and making time? Or is it a dial stuck on a wrist or a chain and just an ornament? Whatever, it may be, a watch is not a luxury anymore. While some wear it to make a statement , some wear a watch to be on time. Here is a post looking at some of the best watchmakers of the world and the revolution that followed.


Best Watchmakers
Vacheron Constantin

A Swiss Manufacturer of luxury watches, Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755 by Jean- Marc Vacheron. Considered to be among the finest Swiss Made Watches, it is actually the oldest watchmaker in the world. Heard about Henry Truman and Napolean Bonaparte? They would wear Vacheron Constantin! In fact one of the gifts that Napolean got from Josephine was this watch. Now that sure makes this exclusive!

A gift of a watch to melt a stone heart? That is a Vacheron!

vacheron FotorCreated


Best Watchmakers
Tag Heuer

A Swiss Luxury Watchmaker, exclusive designs for Sports watches and chronographs. Found by Edouard Heuer, the company tagline is just the right fit. “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” – TAG is known for fitness and top quality watch making. this is one company that has Global celebrities endorsing it.

While many wonder why a TAG is exclusive, many own it because a TAG is a TAG!

Best Watchmakers

Best Watchmakers

If you  want a watch to last you a lifetime, you have to buy an Omega! Our generation would remember the sultry Cindy Crawford endorsing the brand with a smirk on the face. Omega is excellent! Talk about style, talk about fashion or talk about durability – Omega beats it all. It was also chosen by the British Royal Flying Corps in 1918. If you think this is not credible enough, listen to this- Omega went to moon! Literally! It has also been used in the James Bond Films. What more should a watch have?

      A watch of the celebrities, Omega is not a watch , it’s the Owner’s Pride!

Best Watchmakers



Best Watchmakers
Jaeger le Coultre

The Atmos Mechanical Clock which does not need to be wound, was made by Jaeger. This clock works perfectly without any need manual help with the assistance from atmospheric changes and pressure. An independent watch maker in Switzerland, it initially supplied parts and movements to other watch makers .And then made watches which revolutionized the on-wrist concept of time. And now if it is a watch for a lifetime , it has to be a Jaeger!

Jaeger Le Coultre does not make watches, it makes Time Pieces!

Best Watchmakers


Best Watchmakers
Patek Phillipe

Patek Phillipe is simple, elegant and the Classiest of the entire list. Blended to perfection, Patek is a Bench mark in watch making. Known to make extremely complicated wrist watches, this Geneva based Company supplies the watches to the elites and the Royals. Many watches and designs that are no longer made are placed in their museum for display.

Exquisite and exclusive, Patek Phillipe is not ordinary!

Best Watchmakers


Best watchmakers

If you think you know watches enough, A Cartier will blow your mind! Having the sole monopoly in Watch making till 1964, this family of jewelers and watch makers made watches to embellish the utmost rich and the famous. Prince of Wales, Edward VII also tagged it “the jeweler of the kings, King of jewelers” and that is when the world recognized this brand as unchallenged. Studded with Jewels and diamonds, the sapphires and the precious stones make each watch an exclusive design.

Cartier is not impressive, it is the Impression!

Best watchmakers



Best Watchmakers

This is a Dream! The company that ensures the minutest detailing in a watch. Everything from the technology to the colors and the embellishments used is unique. These watches are a sign of the elite . Non one else can sport class as good as this. Whether its the dinner watch or the chronograph, the range of designs and cocasion is uncountable, each better then the rest!

Chopard is not a watch on your hand, it is your who you are!

Best Watchmakers

Gift your loved one, a watch from this and make it a memory for a lifetime! Though it is highly suggested that you gift one to yourself!

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