This Indian Classical Rendition Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song Will Make You Go Wow!

Pirates of the Caribbean

We all love the Pirates of the Caribbean and the songs that are featured in the movie but this attempt by Indian Jam Project is simply mind-blowing. Indian Jam Project is a collaborative platform where musicians come together to play beautiful Indo-Western adaptations of Television or movie theme songs. The original music of the film and this album are both credited to composer Klaus Badelt and producer Hans Zimmer.

With Tushar Lall on the keyboards, Samay Lalwani on the tabla, Sandeep Mishra on the sarangi and Prathamesh Salunke playing the flute, we have a delightful and one of a kind rendition of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme. The composition is arranged by Tushar Lall and it is superbly done.

This Indian Classical Adaptation of The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song ‘He’s a Pirate’ by Klaus Badelt will make you appreciate the richness of Indian Classical Music.

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