India’s 7 Most Influential Photo Bloggers Who Inspire You To Go Click-Happy


If you thought Photo blogging was easy, you need to think again. They are the ones who capture our attention and mesmerize us with their strokes. Every frame, every situation and every little lighting detail is captured to perfection, by these bearers of art. Photo bloggers make awesome photo galleries where there is little of everything like fashion, fine arts, products, travel, scenery and much more. Here we have a list of few photo bloggers who you could follow on social media to get a glimpse of their amazing photographs and a peek into their creative minds.

Keshav Chugh – The Gift Of The First Love

Keshav Chugh Photography - photo bloggers

I have been his fan since I read his first interview for Shop Nineteen. His jaw dropping photography will make you fall in love with him like never before. He doesn’t consider photography a profession. Keshav Chugh is a Delhite and an NIFT pass-out. He started as a freelance commercial photographer in 2009. He held his first camera at the age of 6 and recently celebrated his 23rd birthday. At such a young age he has already bagged many internationally recognized awards and has been featured in magazines such as Photo Vogue, Emaho, Epic Magazine etc. He has specializations in Fashion and Product photography. He considers fashion his first love besides shooting landscape, portrait, fine art and automotive photography.

Facebook Page: Keshav Chugh Photography Blog Page: Keshav Chugh Twitter Handle: @keshavchugh

Siddhartha Joshi – The Wandering Soul

Siddhartha Joshi  - photo bloggers

He is a Designer and Travel Blogger. A man who considers himself homeless. A man without a root, but wings. He loves interacting with strangers and knowing their side of the story. His 365 days project, “Tell Me Your Dream 2015” showcases dreams and struggles of people across India. It makes you realize how hard it is sometimes to achieve something that you want. His travel pictures will surely inspire you to travel more and explore. His blog “The Wanderer” has currently been ranked as one of the top ten travel blogs of India.

Facebook Page: The Wanderer Blog Page: Wanderer – A Travel and Living Blog from India Twitter Handle: @sid_travel

Naina Redhu – The Visual Storyteller

Naina Redhu - photo bloggers

It’s time to show some girl power now. Naina Redhu is a Luxury and Lifestyle blogger. Naina also runs a business out of her blog. Her photographs takes our imagination far and beyond and makes us believe we are actually present in the scene. She has huge fan following; Facebook likes of about 9K, Twitter followers of about 14K. Her lists of clients include some of the world’s leading companies. She is a brand designer too. She is an epitome of a perfect photography story teller.

Facebook Page: Blog Page: Naina Redhu Twitter Handle: @Naina

Photo Journey – The Travelling Camera

Photo Journey - photo bloggers

This blog is not run by an individual, it’s a group of young photographers going click happy with a vision of their own. They post their travelling pictures ranging from Culture, Wildlife and Scenery. I will fall short of words if I sit down to describe their pictures. Its absolutely mind blowing. You need to have a look yourself to believe it.

Facebook Page: Travelling Camera Blog Page: Photo Journey

Joshi Daniel – Faces and Hopes

Joshi Daniel - photo bloggers

Joshi Daniel is a freelance photographer. He likes to photograph people as he believes every face has a different story to tell. While photographing, he avoids following any theme or rule  and rather shoots what he likes. Recognized for his spellbinding play with the lens – his photos capture emotions like you never felt them such. Besides photography he loves biking, trance music and martial arts.

Facebook Page: Joshi Daniel Photography Blog Page: Joshi Daniel – Images Of People

Anirban Saha – The Photo-Activist

Anirban Saha Photography - photo bloggers

He’s fast rising on the ranks – a photo-blogger to look out for.  A dedicated foot soldier in the Indian IT industry, photographer and blogger. He is immensely passionate about photography and goes out to obscure locations for that one perfect shot. He has worked with leading brands and his blog reaches out to a lot of people. You can see his photographs across many Government posters although some have been used without his permission. A strong advocate of copyright issues, Anirban believes in giving due credit where it is due. All we can say about him is that, he is a rising star on the horizon.

Facebook Page: Anirban Saha Photography Blog Page: Anirban Saha’s Twitter Handle: @sahaanirban

Smrithi Rao – Of All Things Vintage

Smrithi Rao - photo bloggers

Smrithi Rao started her blog “Vintage Obsession” in 2009 as a visual diary showcasing her love for fashion, brands, people and travel. The lady blogger has already been featured by New York Times, Grazia India, TOI, The Indian Express, Issue Japan and many more famous magazines. She loves to travel and loves photographing people and designs which are handmade.

Facebook Page: Vintage Obsession Blog Page: Vintage Obsession Twitter Handle: @VintageObsesion

 *The sequencing has nothing to do with the ranking and they are just randomly arranged.*

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