India’s Daughter – Why I Support The Government For Banning The BBC Documentary

India's Daughter

If you have seen the BBC Documentary India’s Daughter, and have been outraged by the comments made by the people in the documentary, you would probably not agree with me on this directly. But if you give me a chance and patiently hear me out before you trash my opinion on this, I have some reasons to support my views on why I think it is actually a good move by the Government. I would attempt to appeal to your logic and not emotion here.

Yes, It was horrific and outrageous and these men should be sent to the gallows…

Let me put this straight. All of us who have watched the video on Social Media are mostly educated and concerned citizens of India. It outraged us because we were aghast by the thought process of the Driver of the vehicle, who thinks that it is the responsibility of the woman to be safe and not the men to not rape, who thinks that the woman should not have fought back and just let it happen. We were appalled by the comparison drawn by the Rapists’ lawyers between women and boxes of sweets which get eaten by dogs if kept in the open. It was horrifying to the extent that it made us cringe while watching it.

…but, how does the documentary change the perception, of those who agree to every word such retards say?

The important thing that we need to realize here, is that they are not the only ones with this thought process. There are millions of Indians who probably think just like they do. The lawyers are literate (I prefer not to say educated) and if this what literate Indians think, can you imagine the number of people who aren’t literate and have been taught or have seen that women are to be trampled upon and that they are objects of sexual pleasure? How would the release of the documentary change that? I thought that the release of this documentary would in fact reinforce the views of the men with the so-called ‘mind set’, even more. The BBC Documentary India’s Daughter makes no attempt to show that this mind-set is wrong and should be condemned. There is no message to the viewers to not think like the people in the documentary. It is just an attempt to sensationalize the Rape Problem in India. Do we actually believe that people like Mukesh would have seen the documentary and would have understood that this is wrong and would have amended their thoughts? It would have made them even worse. If all of India would have thought like us, would India actually have the problem that we are now facing?

The problem took decades to take its true shape, the solution to such cannot come in a day… Isn’t it how we educate our children?

In India there is deep rooted patriarchy and misogyny that has been there for ages. We need to tackle that. We, who feel outraged by it, know that whatever the people in the Documentary said is wrong, but do you think the men in the villages of India or the slums who think women should not go out of the house after 6.30, 7.30 or 8.30 or that there is no place for women in this country, get the fact that M.L Sharma and A.P Singh are actually patriarchs and misogynists? Most of them probably think in a similar way. I agree that India has a Rape Problem and I wouldn’t go into statistics to show that there are a lot of other developed countries that have a similar problem, but is this the way to tackle it? Should we not start from the grass root level and start teaching kids that Men and Women are equal and women should be treated with respect? What purpose would the documentary serve other than worsen the already difficult situation?

Freedom of Speech? Or are you giving voice to the anarchists?

Banning the documentary might be a breach of the freedom of speech and an attempt to try to cover up issues that are pressing but wouldn’t allowing it have far worse implications? The rapists would have got validation for their deeds and would have looked for their 15 minutes of fame. The patriarchs would have found their voices in the words of M.L Sharma and A.P Singh and yet another innocent girl would have been raped in some part of the country. India’s Daughter would have been violated again.

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