Open and Shut Already?? India’s first Underwater Restaurant!

A truly innovative concept stuck in red tape

Underwater Restaurant

Water or underwater nothing is better than  the auqa that surrounds a meal. “Real Poseidon“, was opened in Ahmedabad in South Bopal to make the esteemed guests feel the treasure cove of dining under water while you order the best in-line menu. With 1.5 lakh litres of water capacity and with interiors to make you feel transported to europe’s and divine locations, this underwater restaurant was built an investment of INR 2.5-3 crores, the restaurant created a buzz with its inauguration!!

And now it has been shut down barely two weeks after it opened!

There is a blessed reason behind it! The twist of fate being that the restaurant did not seek the permissions and clearances before it opened. Sadly, the seal sticks till the issue is sorted for this vegetarian ” First underwater restaurant” in India.

This would have been well worth a visit!!


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