India’s Most Loved Food Bloggers, You Definitely Need to Keep a Tab On!

"Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom's homemade lasagna or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past."


They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Add to that the old adage that there is no greater love than the love for food. We did some catching up with Food Blogging. Throw in the fact that India, a country with a population of an excess  of a 1.2 billion boasts of myriad food habits and cultures that is an absolute delight for the connoisseurs of  good cuisine and you get a mouth watering prospect that will excite your taste buds as you read this. And yet, thankfully, there are some among us, who not only love to eat or cook, but also talk, write, delve deep into the intricacies of it all. Their passion is not merely gastronomical, but sometimes a full time profession. In this article, we track some of the well known food bloggers of India. So read on, and the next time you check their blogs and sites, thank us.

 [dropcap type=”1″]1[/dropcap] Sailaja Gudivada  – (Sailu’s Food) – For that lip-smacking Indian culinary with an extra dash of spice or the seasonal sweetness of the mango!!

1. SailusFood - Food Bloggers

If you have a soft corner for food more so if its Indian then this is the site you need to bookmark today. The recipes are easy to follow, the range varying from breakfast, desserts and even some quick bites. If you have not ventured into the cuisines of Andhra Pradesh and if your idea of south Indian cuisine is restricted only to Idli, Dosas and Upma, then prepare to be surprised. Wonderfully created blog, the author coming from a very modest background has done a fantastic job to present the food recipes, as an absolute pro. Recently trending articles on this much coveted food are the awe inspiring mango recipes. Go check them out and satiate your taste buds with the sweetness of mangoes in it varied form.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]2[/dropcap] Shilpa – (Aayisrecipes) – For the awesomeness of a mother’s love seeping into the food prepared just for you!

2. Aayis Recipes - Food Bloggers

Shilpa has been blogging about Konkani food for a few years now and her following is indeed enviable. The blog is fondly named as Ayisrecipes, a dedication to her inspiration – her mother, and she proudly proclaims that most of her recipes were inherited from her. And who doesn’t love a mother’s recipe? She specializes in  Konkani food, it also hosts cuisines from other parts of India. Apart from the regular food, her categories also includes seasonal foods, fusion food between west and the east, and an exquisite collection of non-alcoholic drinks, that will leave you with a swarm of creativity.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]3[/dropcap] Nags aka Nagalakshmi – (Edible Garden) – For the delectable everyday recipes that’s a pleasure to make!

3. Edible Kitchen - Food Bloggers

She’s the face of Edible Garden. The moment you go to the blog, its aesthetic design welcomes you.  If you are away from home and terribly missing your home/ mom cooked food then log on to Edible Garden. The recipes are arranged alphabetically and hence easy to flip between an enviable assortment of food from all over India, from tea time snacks, to something much heavier after a hard day’s work. She’s extremely passionate about food styling, food photography, restuarant reviews and recipe development. One of our must have on the list food bloggers around.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]4[/dropcap] Anushruti RK – (Divine Taste) – To hunger within you with food that feeds your body, mind and the soul!

4. Divine Taste - Food Bloggers

This is a gold mine for lovers of vegetarian food. Guilt free in more senses than one, this is also a wonderful space to try and indulge in recipes which are slightly off beat and less frequently tried. So buckle your seat belts and explore. Her blog is an explosively colorful one, filled with exquisite recipes, wonderfully presented, impeccable taste in food photography and more so, a Jamie Oliver worshiper. Rightly says the tagline – “Feed your mind, body and soul”. The one recipes that made me drool over is the egg-less wholewheat waffle. Well, firstly I must admit, I have a sweet tooth and I can drool over waffles – and this one did catch my eye! Check out her blog guys! You will not regret.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]5[/dropcap] Mallika Basu – (Mallika Basu) – From the Brethren of Bengal’s Political Family this is the most artsy Bengali delicacy you will find on the Internet!

5. MallikaBasu - Food Bloggers

If food styling is your forte, then this Mallika Basu’s food station is your mecca! You have food bloggers and blogs but what is a food blog without wonderful pictures of the recipe that make you instantly salivate. The range of the recipes is broad, the presentation artsy and simple. This is the place where art meets culinary delights.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]6[/dropcap] Deeba Rajpal -(Passionate About Baking) – Freshly Baked- The aroma that stirs your soul!

7. Passionate about Baking - Food Bloggers

What is a list of the food bloggers in India without a mention of someone specializing in bakery and confectionery. Some wonderful cakes and ideas for midnight snacks, this blog is a paradise for people with a penchant for the sweet tooth. She is more about style and presentation, if you are looking to feast your eyes on the wonderfully prepared food, then you need not look anywhere else. And also you need to follow her on Instagram as well, the pictures on Instagram are absolutely yummilicious.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]7[/dropcap]Nandita Iyer -(Saffron Trail) – The healthy wealthy and wise recipes that goes easy on your rising cholesterol!

6. Nandita's Blog - Food Bloggers

Nandita’s blog is another one of our choicest vegetarian gems in this list. Rated highly by our research team, this food blogger mingles impeccable taste with spice of good health. A nutritionist by profession, she brings together the delights of her culinary skills with her medical expertise and the results are for all to see. Food on the go, healthy foods, easy made recipes are all so contradictory terms. Yes, that almost right, unless you have visited the Saffron Trail. Check out some of her drool worthy creations like the 2 minute mango ice cream or the easy shredded carrot salad with coconut. I am gonna go easy on my tummy tonight and try my hands on the salad. Sound juts about too good to be true.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]8[/dropcap] Sandeepa aka Bong Mom – (BongMomCookBook) -The quintessential Bengali recipes that bring tears to your eyes!

7. Bong Mom - Food Bloggers

Yes, you read it right, that’s what she likes herself to be called. For the Quintessential Bengali Cuisine, look no further. Focussing primarily on dishes which have made their presence felt in most Bengali households, this blog is a keeper. She is the author of a book too. Her blog is a pleasure to read, unlike the other food blog, she actually talks about what she’s writing on, and that’s where the the quintessential momma stands out. Beautifully structured, presented something that will make you home sick if you are a bong, living outside and miss your mom’s touch in the fish curry. 🙂 Something only a true bong would be able to make out!

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 [dropcap type=”1″]9[/dropcap] Madhuram – (Eggless Cooking) – Professional Baking  at the ease of your home!

9. Eggless baking

If all want to do is baking, baking and baking, then follow her. Want to go egg-less regarding what you eat due to health issues? This is the blog to bookmark. Dig deep and find out, that even eggless can be yummy. The blog is well charted out, easy to navigate, and simplistically beautiful. Baking has been so useful, atleast what our team has dug into. All sorts of breads, muffins, cakes, shortbread, all eggless, easy and healthy. Try those out, on a sunny morning. Its different.

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 [dropcap type=”1″]0[/dropcap] Sankar – (Green Gastronomyst) – The Road Side King

10. GreenGastronomyst

This breaks the monopoly of the presence of women on this list. Add to it, this is not strictly a blog which deals with recipes per se. Rather this is a kind of a food guide, a kind of a diary chronicling the experiences of eating out at various joints. For the ones who swear by eating out, this is the one to check out.

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