Introducing Gyanganj – The Land The Mortals Cannot See!


Gyanganj is a mysterious place deep in the Himalayas where only immortal beings live! Yup! Thats right Immortality does exist on this planet!

It is said that sages who have attained immortality live there. It is considered a sacred place by the Hindus and the Buddhists. Gyanganj is said to be on a different plane from that of earth and hence invisible to the normal eye and any latest technological equipments. Only those Sages and Rishi’s who have a karmic connection with Gyanganj can visit this place and listen to the spiritual teachings of the immortals. Shout to the thrill seekers here ! 

Tibetans call this place Shambala. They consider this place as a place of spiritual teaching that holds the spiritual teachings of the world. Some even say that it holds the pinnacle of Buddhist wisdom the Kaalachakra. It is believed that when Buddha died, he took the form of Kaalachakra and preached to certain people who have attained the highest knowledge.

There is also reference to it in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is said that sages and yogis through meditation and yoga unlock the knowledge of immortality by harnessing energy from the things around them.

Trekking to Himalayas? This is what you should be looking for!

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