JNU Controversy: Only in India can anti-nationalists be invited to TV shows before being arrested.

Students union leader arrested but the others are still left free despite visual evidences. How long are we expected to wait?


Tuesday, February 9, 2016 witnessed the most ridiculous kind of ‘protest’ against a country by it’s own ‘countrymen’. The over-enlightened members of the Democratic Students Union of the esteemed Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) organized a protest march inside the university campus in memoriam of Maqbool Bhat, the separatist leader and Afzal Guru, the 2001 Parliament attack convict. And guess what? They called it a cultural event! Last time I knew, hailing a convicted terrorist as martyr and screaming slogans promising destruction of the country did not count as a cultural activity.

JNUThe DSU event poster

There has been a lot of controversy around the death penalty that was given to Afzal Guru in 2006. Some believe he was not provided a just trial and that it was unfair of the government to execute him in secrecy and then not hand over the body to his family. On the other hand, Kashmir and its nationality has been a subject of argument since ages with special intervention by Maqbool. If it would have been a simple debate on these topics or just a presentation to showcase their point of view, it would have been still acceptable to certain extent and probably counted in their freedom of speech. However, when a convicted terrorist is glorified and anti-India slogans like “Kashmir ki azaadi tak jung rahegi, Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi”, are chanted by Indians (not sure whether they still qualify) inside a reputed Indian university funded by the Indian government, then it is too much to ask for. Even if we are at our tolerant best, promotion of disintegration and destruction of the country is bound to attract a well-deserved nationwide wrath.

We all, at some point of time, express our distress on political, judicial and social matters of the country. We are not always happy about everything that happens in India. However, there’s a fine line between criticising a nation and badmouthing it. These JNU students have clearly crossed over to the latter. Moreover, when through their extremely verbose opinion, they have already disowned India and opted to support the neighboring country, then how do they expect to hide behind the fundamental rights listed in the Indian constitution? Are they not contradicting themselves? Is it really too difficult for “intellectual” students of such a reputed institution to understand something so simple?

DSU calls itself leftist when their members are, in a way, defying the ideologies associated with the left-wing politics. Leftism aims at lessening the differences among people and not increasing them. Leftism believes in having mutually respectful relations among individuals whereas these students have disrespected each individual of the nation. They have disrespected the soldiers who have been the real martyrs for the country. They are not Left and their ways are not right! They are a bunch of amateur political enthusiasts who have clearly lost their way and need urgent help.

While some people are against the arrest of the students union president Kanhaiya Kumar, on seditious grounds, that took place on 12th February, stating that instead of police, the university should have been taking the required actions against its students, it is to be understood that this is not just another brawl between student political bodies. This obviously concerns the whole country. Some may argue, “It was just a nonviolent verbal protest. Nobody was actually harmed in it.”. Well, it is not the act, but the mentality of such young individuals that poses a threat to the nation. Some might believe the statement given by Kanhaiya that the anti-India slogans were being pronounced by outsiders. Then, the questions arise, who were they, how did they enter the JNU premises and why did DSU not file a complaint against them in the first place, if they were already aware of it?

Food for thought, had some Pakistani students celebrated the death anniversary of an Indian convict in a Pakistani university and shouted anti-Pakistan and pro-India slogans, would they even have been alive till now? I doubt. Or maybe yes, but gone into hiding. And why only Pakistan? China, France, USA, none would have tolerated anything remotely related to anti-nationalism. Only in India, can such anti-nationals be invited to TV shows to put forward their point while only their leader is arrested with a fair chance of explaining himself. Well, of course, sending them to Pakistan or killing them or penalising the entire university is not going to solve anything. Probably we need to dig deeper to identify the cause behind the issue and uproot it. However, the question is, why are the others left free? They too deserve to be behind bars and contribute towards the investigation, right?

Does your blood boil too against those JNU ‘activists’? Or, can you actually sense a logic behind their actions? Both ways, please let us know in your comments.

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