Legends about deaths and diseases! The doctors should read this for sure !!!

This is why death and diseases prevail despite the caution everyone takes ! Read on to know some of the most interesting stories behind the Deaths and Diseases in the world!

Death and diseases

If you have ever wondered why we all reach to an end point in life and die, well this is what you need to know. Also, why are some deaths so painful and some so easy? All cultures have some myths and legends surrounding the deaths and diseases . And these are the most popular

Is it really true about the Pandora’s Box of troubles?

The most prominent reason for the existence of the disease and strife, in Greek Mythology is the Pandora’s Box. This legend describes the creation of the first woman, Pandora and the opening of the forbidden box which let out diseases and troubles into the world.

Pandora was gifted by all Gods on her creation. Aphrodite bestowed her with unimaginable beauty and Hermes made her wile and feminine. And this box, also interpreted as a jar, was also a gift to her and she was forbidden from opening it. She gave in to her curiosity; and let out diseases and sufferings which got stuck to the humanity.

There is also “Hope” in the Pandora’s Box, but she shut the lid tight after the misery escaped from it and “hope” got locked inside. It still is! Can we please open the box once again and let hope out?

Deaths and diseases
Pandora’s Box engulfs Pandora
The Cherokee Animals

Basically this Native American tribe uses animals abundantly in their creation of folklore and according to this myth; the reason of diseases is the animals! So as per the legend, our ancestors lived in a world where plants, trees and animals all loved in harmony. The surprise being that all things alive could talk. So we have the plants greeting the trees and the trees discussing things with the animals. All of this gibberish was understood by the humans also.

The increase in the human population led to the animal slaughter and sacrifice to meet the increasing needs of nutrition and hunger. This resulted in an animal conference which decided that the animals should wage war against the humans with bows and arrows and weapons. This idea was discarded due to its’ stupidity and the animals decided to throw a plague of diseases over humans to perish them.

The trees understood the situation on their own terms and decided to support the humans by providing them relief and medicines for the diseases inflicted upon them by the angered animals.

The hunting tradition still demands a permission from the animal before it is being killed in this tribe. They seek permission before killing the animal. Now that is food for thought!

Death and Diseases
The Cherokee Animals
The Brother’s Revenge- Bagandan Tribe of Uganda

This tribe from Uganda alleges that Walumbe, the twin brother of Nambi is the culprit behind all the diseases that are spread around killing people. Nambi was the wife of the first man on earth. So when Nambi descended to the Earth to marry Kintu, her father warned her against the wrath of her brother and asked her to escape secretly from the heavens.

The Father bid adieu to the daughter and gave the couple many gifts including livestock and cattle for survival on the earth. The couple forgot their chicken feed in the heavens and went back high up in to get it.

She was most surely spotted by her ruthless brother who decided that he would never let her out of his sight. And he followed the couple back to earth. The tradition allows the brother to take custody of the first child born to the sister, which Nambi refused to allow, and in anger he vowed to kill one child as day as the revenge! And threw the diseases on to the earth which manifest in us now!

So much for an overly Possessive heavenly brother and some heavenly chicken feed!

Death and Diseases
The Brothers Revenge
Two Cosmic eggs and their Creations- the Tibetan Munpa Zerdan

According to the Tibetans, there were two cosmic eggs which were formed by the five primordial elements. One egg called Radiant was composed of light and the other was formed of Darkness and called Black Misery. Radiant was struck by the God of Wisdom which resulted in the creation of good things like the world and the living things.

A deity named Munpa Zerdan hatched from the dark Egg and he brought diseases, misery and suffering to the world.

Death And Diseases
The two Cosmic Eggs theory
 Tlaloc- The good God turns bad and curses the mankind!

Vitally important to survival, Tlaloc, the Aztec God, blessed the mankind with rain and fertility. While he is often worshipped as the life-giving God, his wrath unleashe, makes the humanity beg for mercy. So if on one hand, his good mood meant crop sustaining rains and bumper crops, his anger on the other hand, would let loose hail and draught!

Tlaloc is said to be the keeper of four precious jars signifying the four sacred directions of the earth. One jar had good rain, one had frost that could destroy the crops, one was filled with drought and the last one had diseases. Sometime in the divinity, Tlaloc’s sons broke all the jars by a mistake and sent all the four things down on the earth.

So while his sons were just messing around, the price is being paid by the humanity! Naughty sons of the God!

Death and Diseases
 Shiva- The drop dead handsome God of Powers!

Benevolent and loving, Shiva was married to Parvati, the Goddess. And he was truly in love with her. When Shiva’s father in law arranged a sacrificial ritual, he honored all Gods by inviting them to the ritual – except for Shiva. When Shiva’s wife came to know of this, she tried reasoning with him and Shiva was not in a mood to listen.

Shiva is a creator of life and death both.  Not being invited angered him and he went to the sacrifice uninvited and chased all with a bow and arrow. A drop of sweat slid from his angry forehead and fell on the earth. This drop of sweat took the form of life and was called “Disease”. It was a red, one eyed creature that looked as horrific as its effects.

Understanding the danger that this creation of anger could be for the mankind, the other Gods requested Shiva to bifurcate the diseases between plants, animals and humans because one entity could not have borne the burden of this curse and would have been wiped from the surface of the earth.

Shiva relented and agreed and so there are plant diseases and animal diseases. Humans have uncountable ones!

Death and Diseases
Shiva The Destroyer
Sonnimgut- The Small Pox Gods of China

The world’s largest economy has Fifty Three Gods called Sonnimne- the deities of smallpox. However, the Sonnimne who bring small pox can also grant Longevity and Success. So out of the 53 Sonnimne, 3 Gods wanted to migrate to Korea. Along with the beautiful Goddess Gaxi Sonnim, the three change wanting Gods headed to Korea. They reached the Yalu River. For the need of crossing the river, the ferryman took a good chance of destiny, and asked for the love of the Goddess for ferrying the Three Gods to the other side. The Goddess stabbed the ferryman with a dagger and cursed all seven of the ferryman’s sons with Small Pox. Six died and the seventh one survived – crippled.

So these Gods went around blessing and cursing people based on the behavior that they had been subjected to letting loose diseases and longevity.

Death and Diseases
The beautiful lethal Goddess
Japanese- The demons and the Spirits

A threatening group of spirits called Oni originated in China and travelled to Japan. These spirits are horrific to look at and are scary enough to make your wits go numb. These demons are horned and can assume the shape of a human or an animal depending upon the need. Enormous and invisible at times, Oni has the ability to steal human souls.

Cruelty is their middle name and they are associated with famines and disease in the Japanese Mythology.

The Japanese Oni
Iranian – The Gods that can be hurtful too!

Angra Mainyu is also known as Ahriman and his name means “Fiendish Spirit”. He is seen as the evil and cruelty personified. He led the Dark forces in the cosmic battle and fought against Spenta Mainyu, the Holy Spirit who assisted Ahura Mazda, the wise lord who emerged victorious in the battle. It was Ahriman who introduces the frost in the winters, the summer heat and all diseases and ills.

There are also some Demons who cause Plagues and diseases and fight every form of religion. They are the male servants and they follow the Angra Mainyu. The female servants called the Drugs join hands

Death and Diseases
The Iranian Gods

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