Why I Miss The Plain Old Texting


Yesterday, I saw an old phone of mine, whose keypad was ultimate type-friendly and remembered those days when we chatted with friends via text messages. It was before Whatsapp and smartphones became so popular. It had a certain thrill and suspense to it, waiting for the reply. Did it not?

The first thought was if the message got delivered at all, whether to re-send or wait for a reply. The thought if the person would mind if you sent so many messages, especially if the ‘friend’ is of opposite sex whom you have a ‘little’ crush on! You definitely didn’t want to come across as a ‘despo’. And most painful of all, when in reply to your 400 character message, in came a ‘K’ or a ‘Hmm’. All feelings evaporated instantly!


It was when recharging of SMS packs were more important than talk-time. Who needed to spend lots of money on calls when you could have the same conversation in text messages albeit broken in about 25-30 message? You didn’t need to worry about time anyway. That vibration of the phone (ringer: silent; vibration: on) that skipping of the heartbeat, since Parents were highly irritated at constant message tones throughout the evening was just a different kind of a feeling. The thrill of the phone beeping when a new message arrived was more than anything a call could provide. Moreover, parents were always bothered when we were on the phone. They didn’t realize we hid the phone under our books and were constantly texting.

I miss the staring at the screen expectantly. Did I miss that vibration? Did my phone just beep? I miss setting special message tones for that special person. Choosing words perfectly while replying to that beautiful song lyric sent in by that person. I miss all of that now.


Oh, by the way I don’t want to sound like an old aunt who sits and remembers her old happy golden days. WhatsApp, Hike, Viber and other such apps are absolutely fantastic and entertaining display of technology. An hour without checking WhatsApp does seem incomplete. It’s just that, I hate to see when someone was ‘last seen’ moments ago or worse, is ‘Online’ and still replies to my message late. Or when someone has ‘read’ my message and doesn’t bother to reply at all. That I can see ‘friend1 is typing’ on the top of the screen prepares me that I’m about to get some reply. Text messages had that surprise element. They could come in anytime. Sometimes, in awkward situations as well, like when your mom happened to check your phone.

I remember shaking my phone violently in air, hoping to shake some ‘Tower’ into it when it showed ‘network not found’, I remember deleting old messages so that new messages could flood in. (‘your inbox is full. No space for new messages.’) I remember all those little things associated with it. I’m not sorry to let go of texting. I’m just fond of the memories. Too many intricate memories associated with it. Too many funny incidents. Too many laughs.

Nostalgia is sweet, but ah well!

Featured Image source: v3.co.uk

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