Modi’s Facebook Friends Day Video by AIB: Just a minute to crack you up!

Check out AIB's new parody, "Modi's Friends Day Video" for a good laugh.


The comedy wizards have done it again and this time it’s our very own Prime Minister at the receiving end. AIB, with its new 1-minute-long video has proven that, this is all the time it needs to tickle our funny bones.

The ‘Happy Friends Day‘ videos have been making rounds in our Facebook walls for quite some days now. On the occasion of completing 12 eventful years, Facebook has gifted its users their very own personalised versions of the video. Random photos of you and some of your friends (that Facebook assumes to be closest to you) show up on the screen with some sweet messages to remind you of the good times you have spent with them on this social networking website. This is indeed a very good gesture by Facebook towards its loyal users.

Now let us admit it guys, we all have been eager and excited to check out our own versions but have taken very little interest in those of our friends. However, if we are talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Facebook Friends Day Video parodied by none other than the hilarious AIB, then we got to expect something equally interesting to all of us.

With Amit Shah bagging a good screen time and Arvind Kejriwal playing a cameo, this video plays a new joke on Modi every other second; and the detailing is brilliant. Modi, who is known to have over 32 million followers in Facebook, is also quite active in other social networking sites and has maintained his social media friendliness to a great extent. We have also seen his cool side in his various selfies. Let’s hope he and his fans are going to take this in a good spirit and AIB guys won’t be in anymore trouble!

Watch the full video above and let us know in your comments what you feel about it.

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