Mystics And Spirits Of The Aghori Sadhus Revealed!

Aghori Sadhus
Do not read this if you have a faint heart! The next time you see Aghori Sadhus, you might just run away!
8. Aghoris consume faeces, human fluids and also decaying Human Corpses because they believe in pleasing the Goddess Consort of Shiva by combining the live and dead!
Aghori Sadhus
Cannibalism and Eating flesh
7. Aghoris Practice Necrophilia which is having sex with a dead corpse!
Aghori Sadhus
Aghora rituals
6. Aghoris also believe in Black magic and Voodoo. Their women are smeared with ashes from the dead and public black magic rituals in presence of dead corpses are a common ritual!
Aghori Sadhus
Black Magic and Voodoo
5. Aghoris eat from the same bowl as dogs and cows and share the food believing in animal instincts as aids in Meditation!
Aghori Sadhus
Animals are Us!
4. To imitate the presence of Lord Shiva, Aghoris Smear Ashes on their bodies and cover just the genitals. May be even nude!
Aghori Sadhus
Ashes are pure
3. A true Aghora is symbolised with the possession of a skull or a “kapal” which may be used as a begging bowl or a bowl to drink from!
Aghori Sadhus
The Kapal
2.  Aghoris use profanity and swearing as a way of connecting with the supernatural and divine energies!
Aghori Sadhus
1. All Aghoris indulge in Marijuana heavily with the bodies heavily sedated at all times. The hallucinations of course are considered to be divine interventions.
Aghori Sadhus
Smoking the Chillum
The next time you meet an Aghori, observe and understand. They see what the normal eye cannot see! 

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