Nationalism Vs Patriotism: What Is Your Take?? Who Are You??


From the scintillating revolution of Mangal Pandey that lent the first voice to the struggle for independence and the bloodbaths that followed, to lend the country the freedom it sought….Apparently we have come a long way! Yet we are battling “Nationalism Vs Patriotism”!!!

Intentionally focussing on the word”Apparently”, the question here is … “Have we really come a long way? Or have we come anywhere at all?”

This thought should stem from the fact that our beliefs about patriotism are still messed up. In the colonial rule, I believe the farmers who would hold hands and sickles together to beat famines, droughts and the atrocities of the rulers, were way far better aligned than this modern population of the country, that is supposedly educated, literate and financially stable!!!

 It is disgusting to see people using iPhones, working on tablets, wearing burberry suits , having no clue about the definitions of their lives and their connect to the country they belong to.

India, Dear nation-mates is riddled with the confusion that makes every one speak of “INDIA” and do nothing, but damage to the country! What would the harm inflicted by others and foreigners be in comparison to what we ourselves do to our country?

To put the facts right, what we need to seek is a blood rush of Patriotism and NOT nationalism that is spreading like a parasite, destroying the moral and human values from within…..Do we not know that we are a diverse nation.?….Do we not know that there have been different religions, existent throughout the history of India?…… Do we not know that there have been many castes and creeds that signified the unity of the nation since time immemorial? ……Then what in the name of nationalism is the problem now?

Let’s simplify the condition1

Nationalism is the inflated ego that makes us feel that we are far better than the others and that India is much better than the other countries! It is the mockery in the name of intolerance where in any criticism is considered to be a crime!….Filled with aggression, nationalism has no friends and supposedly, all other countries have malice towards India. What is the need to justify the mistakes whether in the present or in the past by blaming others. Does it really matter?

Comparatively, Patriotism is what was taught to us since the Guru Bhrama Inception. Was india not about humility and peace, in bowing down, folding our hands and saying a humble ‘Namaste’, knowing that as a nation we had the power to crush any country!

Was India not about being friends and guiding those who had wronged? Was Indian love not about welcoming the people and making them family? What ever happened to the value of guiding a lost one back home?

How about accepting the criticism from Zuckerberg, or Obama for that matter. What about the remarks they have made against us! ……Just because they are white and speak impeccable english! Does it qualify them to taunt us? Be racist towards us ?….. while our own brother may be languishing in some rotten jail for posting a post on facebook that expressed displeasure against a national activity?

Make a sane choice of being the ONE the nation wants and be patriotic in true blood and die for it. Else, should we all not just shut up and witness another public revolution that would again kills millions and make mothers weep for their children !

The question is for all to see!
The decision is yours!
Nationalism Vs Patriotism
What are You?

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