Need a winter break? Drive To Nagarjunasagar


People who live in the bustling city of Hyderabad enjoy their getaways whenever they get the opportunity. There are many popular destinations around the city that can provide a good escape for the weekend. Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar is an old favourite as the townspeople flock towards the serene waters of this famous dam, located on the mighty Krishna River.

The route between Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar

Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar dam is an engaging journey – a 150-km journey south. An early start is recommended – the trip should not take more than three hours without stops. Most of the journey will be through farmland and there are many villages on the way where one can stop and snack on local delicacies.

Why Nagarjunasagar?

Apart from the tranquil waterside environment, Nagarjunasagar Dam is an engineering marvel. It is considered one of the largest masonry dam in the world. It reaches an incredible height of 180 metres from its deepest point and there are 26 huge floodgates (each is about 14 metres tall).  This impressive structure is a modern marvel indeed and also provides a fantastic picnic spot and plenty of photo ops.

Attractions around Nagarjunasagar

Close to the dam reservoir, wildlife enthusiasts can visit the vast Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Sanctuary. This immense protected area is spread over five districts and constitutes the largest tiger reserve in the entire country. There are safaris available and some of the flagship species apart from the tigers here include leopards, sloth bears, dholes, blackbucks, mugger crocodiles, and pangolins. There are also many old monuments, temples and unique geological formations that attract a diverse type of footfall.

One can also enjoy a boat ride to Nagarjunakonda, which is now an island in the reservoir. This town is famous for its historical landmarks – there are several ruins of old Buddhist and Hindu temples that date back many centuries. In fact, before the dam was built, the entire region was known for its old Buddhist artifacts. A lot has been submerged and some have been shifted to higher ground and are now the main attractions of Nagarjunakonda.

Those who like mesmerizing natural sites will enjoy views of the gushing Etipothala Falls. The wide falls cascades into the waters of the Chandravanka, a tributary of the Krishna, and is surrounded by verdant landscape on all sides. It is a short drive from Nagarjunasagar Dam and is home to a crocodile breeding centre.

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