A New Year, A Newer You!

Tomorrow, you promise yourself, will be different, yet tomorrow is too often a repetition of today. -James T. McCay

New Year 2015 Collage

With the year ending on a merry note, we hit the pause button and reflect on how the year went by. And that’s the precise moment when New Year Resolutions are born. But alas, most of the times they are short lived. One December evening they are conceived, and come January, they start walking towards oblivion. It is mostly the tradition that sets us up for a failure, because long term resolutions are indeed hard to adhere to.

But not all resolutions need to be a daily routine task. That’s where the boredom sets in and they are abandoned. Let us have a look at some awesome tasks that need not be carried out throughout the year, yet it shall make us sit back and smile when the year ends.

1. Nurture a life

Get a pet or a plant. Feed it, take care of it and watch it grow. It shall give you immense pleasure to see a tiny life take shape because of all the effort that you have put in.

Nurture A Life - Plant more trees

2. Read more prints

Put down your kindle for a day, close the browser which flashes the e-paper. Pick up a book, a magazine or a newspaper instead. Enjoy the simple pleasure of flipping through the pages. Visit a book store, buy a hardcopy of something you have been planning to download. After all, curling up in bed with a fine book is serenely comfortable than getting in with an e-reader! Pledge to read the prints more than you did last year.

Read more Prints - Books are for life

3. Detox your body

Remaining fit tops almost everybody’s resolution chart, but this one does not produce many success stories.  If your lifestyle involves eating the wrong kind of food, sleeping less, drinking alcohol beyond a considerable limit, smoking, and getting involved in very less physical activities, then a detox program from time to time would definitely benefit your body. Choose a day every month and be on a simple fruit/vegetable diet. This helps your body to lighten the toxin load. Reduce your sugar intake to maintain optimum health.

Detox Your Body - Eat and Live Healthy

4. Create memories

10 hours a day, 7 days a week slogging at work trying to deliver for foreign clients may help you increase your bank balance, but hinders you from adding to your personal memory bank. This year, take some time out of your busy schedule and do things that make you happy, a happiness that shall linger for long. Spend more time with your family, they need you. Connect with an old friend, reminiscence about happy times you spent. Travel places, meet people, try local cuisine. Spend a part of your earning on things that create memories.

Create Memories

5. Become socially responsible

Time and money are the two major contributions that we can make to help the less fortunate people in the society. Share your lunch with a hungry man one day. Teach a kid to read. Empty your wardrobe and give away the clothes that you need no more. Donate blood, it can save someone. Volunteer with an organization which helps people to have a better life. Make this new year slightly better for someone.

Be socially responsible - Social Change
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6. Learn something new

There is no start or end to a list of learning. Learn how to cook, or tie different kinds of knots. Or maybe learn to write your name using calligraphy. If you are of the patient and persevering kind, pick up a new language; or learn to play a musical instrument. If you are technologically inclined, learn to design a website from scratch; or get your hands dirty with a new scripting tool. The easiest way is to subscribe to the daily newsletters of websites which share a fun fact each day. Check your inbox, and you will learn a new thing each day!

Learn Something New - Hobbies

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