Syna Tiger Resort - Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh
Syna Tiger Resort - Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Source:

1. The Tree House Hideaway – Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

How often would you wake up to the mighty roar, rush out and peep outside your balcony only to see the big cat taking a casual stroll across the block? Well, we would assume, if you love to be around nature’s proximity, you would be absolutely thrilled about the idea. Spread across a sprawling 21 acres in the midst of one of India’s finest Tiger’s reserve forests – The Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve.

Tree House Hideaway, Madhya Pradesh
Tree House Hideaway, Madhya Pradesh. Source:

2. Greenwoods Resorts – Kumily, Kerala

Grandeur Redefined. This is a place where you breathe in purity and take sip into the morning mist. A little known remote town of Kumily, this place is where saints would break their vows. Get ready to be seduced by nature’s serenity and the plush comfort of the facilities of the resort.

Greenwoods Resorts - Kumily, Kerala
Greenwoods Resorts – Kumily, Kerala. Source

3. Vythiri Resort – Wayanad, Kerala

Lose your ways in the zigzag forest of this northern Kerala hidden gem. This delightfully crafted pleasure rests on the lap of the tropical rain forests resonating with the sounds of the streams flowing down the hills, birds chirping and the nature’s cacophony all merged into one. Hold hands or enthral yourself in the classic Vythiri rejuvenation therapy, it’s all about washing away the sins.

Vythiri Resort - Wayanad, Kerala.
Vythiri Resort – Wayanad, Kerala. Source:

4. Syna Tiger Resort – Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

The wild, wild west of India! Another treasure from the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Its rich with heritage and an archaeological treasure, Coupled with the tiger hunts for the adventure loving. It is said to be the hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Rewa.

Syna Tiger Resort - Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh
Syna Tiger Resort – Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Source:

5. The Machan – Jambulne, Maharashtra

As the name states, situated in one of the India’s most preferred biological locations, it’s hardly a 2.5 hours’ drive from Mumbai and is probably the perfect location for your next long weekend break out of office – straight into the heart of the greens. 30-45 feet above the forest, it offers you a panoramic view ahead and also a calming on your senses! Ethereal!

The Machan - Jambulne, Maharastra
The Machan – Jambulne, Maharastra. Source:

6. The Tree House Cottages – Manali

This unique, distinctive, family-run cottage service is set in the picturesque Kullu-Manali valley of Himachal Pradesh. If you are looking for a quiet, charming place to stay, away from the hustle-bustle of the daily life, you simply cannot ignore this. A place where you probably haven’t stayed but ought to in this lifetime!

The Manali Tree House Cottages - Manali
The Manali Tree House Cottages – Manali. Source:

7. Lohagarh Fort Resort – Jaipur

A majestic aura surrounds this place. Tree houses are probably one of the India’s best, standing tall over a 300 year old tree. For old times, sake, it said that historic trees give out a natural aura that cures the mind and brings tranquillity to the distressed mind. And hell ya, we are sure, the cake is not a lie.

Lohagarh Fort Resort – Jaipur
Lohagarh Fort Resort – Jaipur. Source:

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