This Power Packed External Hard Drive from Western Digital is The End To Your Storage Problems – HGST TOURO – The New Kid on the Block


    I very recently got myself an awesome 3 TB hard disk from a reputed storage company. Heavy weight, loads of storage space, a solid metal frame and it looked really good. It was just about connecting to my laptop and putting all the dirty stuff in there. The loads of GOT’s, Spartacus and the Breaking Bad‘s ready to be stored as precious collector’s items. But then there was a reality check, I found out the power cable and USB connectors became a pain and needed to be carried around everywhere you would take your hard drive, you couldn’t really just lie down anywhere connect the hard drive and play the content. That was still feasible considering that I had just got it for quite bit of price and it had tons of space, I got used to it.

    Shortly after, a few months later I was transferred to the US and I completely missed out in packing the hard drive in my suitcase. One year and all the series and movies and games loaded and packed were left to bite the dust. Well, you could say, that who needs to carry content with you, when you have the US – everything available on the internet. Well, the old fashioned person I am, I like it right with me, playing it up at my own whims and wishes, and then there was a huge emotional attachment to it as well. Some of the movies date back to my college days, typical, quintessential and hard-to-get-hold-of-nowadays movies, which you can enjoy on a Sunday evening. All gone, left here at my Calcutta home.

    So, here I am, writing about something, that really solves this problem for someone else. Well, I chanced upon this beautiful brainwave of a product by WesternDigital (and they are the best in the hard drive segment- that’s a no brainer). It’s the HGST Touro Mobile external hard drive. What’s a HGST?  HGST used to be known as Hitachi Global Storage Solutions, and, at some point in time, it was one of the largest hard drive makers in the world. What followed was the usual – Western Digital acquired the company, but let it keep its name. So, in effect, get a good quality product with a brand name and all the assurances that come from a company like Western Digital.


    So what’s the big deal about a hard drive, that I have rant so much about it?



    Nothing much, it pretty much fulfills your requirement as a good data storage unit, its portable, doesn’t require any additional power supply apart from the USB port connections. The thing that differentiates it from the herd is that –

    1. HGST Touro Mobile is a slim and compact design that’s easy to use and features both local and cloud backup.
    2. It’s real fast – the internal mechanism opts for a 7,200 rpm drive inside, which is still one of the fastest in the market.
    3. Two levels of data protection means that your data is safer that the rest of the herd.
    4. It comes with a cloud storage option that ensures your content is available anytime, anywhere, from any smartphone or computer web browser when using the 3GB of cloud storage.
    5. In addition, you can even share your online content with others by simply sending a web link.

    WD Touro - Western Digital - Touro Mobile hard drive

    And how does it look and feel in your hand? The Design Elements


    Made out for the job, looks elegant, enclosed in a glossy plastic cover and bounded in the sides by a silver lining. It’s slim and compact, everything that portable hard drive should be. – In all aspects. They have also come up various colours to suits your moods and requirements. And every time you power it on there is a blue light that elegantly shows activity in the hard drive.  Size wise it’s quite portable with a dimension measuring up to 19m thick and 110mm x 80mm, weighing in at 227 grams.

    WD Touro Software - Western Digital - Touro Mobile hard drive


    One more highlight of the hard drive is probably the easy to use cloud interface. The software that comes with it has its own flair. It lets you put files in its cloud as well, allow you to back up locally. The advanced tab lets you schedule the backup time, and you can also put in a file size restrictions to be backed up in your limited space in the cloud. Everything works great, until this point. But the question here is when you compare the cloud storage with other reputed competitors, it doesn’t really stand out. Companies like Google, Microsoft does offer you much more space than the HGST Tour Cloud service, and since they are much more popular, you will tend to eventually use their services, due to availability and compatibility with the other apps and programs.

    Performance wise, it’s at par with the market leaders and we don’t really have anything to complain, but again, there is nothing that needs mentioning, or is ground breaking with respect to performance. As we draw a conclusion, it’s a decently performing hard drive, with a value for money. You get what you pay for, apart from the brand value and assurances that come with Western Digital. You get portability, affordability and great syncing/backup procedure, into the cloud – which really counts when you need to access or share your files or data on the go. Anytime! Go for it, if you are planning to buy a good external hard drive at market value. You will not regret it.


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