12 Realizations A Guy has, Just After 6 Months of Marriage


If you are a guy and if you have been married off to the wonder woman you have given your heart to, then the below points are something that you are bound to experience in the first few months of your marriage. All in good humour and high spirits ladies!

1. Her bag will have almost anything that you might ever need in this lifetime and you must never ever question the contents of that.

2. If you throw wet towels on the bed and stick your underwear beneath the pillow, you are a dead duck.

3. You can definitely pass a compliment to the other woman, but you have to reserve the best line for your wife.

4. You understand the finer things in life e.g. the difference between a body mist and a perfume or distinguish magenta from mauve.

5. You got to make her that bed-tea in the morning, if you are to take control of the TV at night my friend!

6. If you are staying with your mother, then you realise that your mother is suddenly even more protective about you, than she ever was, surpassing all her previous limits.

7. You become an eternal procrastinator, when you are asked to get up from the couch and fix the light bulb that’s not working.

8. You learn to differentiate between a trick and a real question and the art of giving out the perfect answer.

9. You have not only added your wife’s birthday and anniversary dates, to your ever growing list but now you also got to plan about your mother-in-law’s birthday. Take that you married fool!

10. If you are a smoker and drinker, then you should get used to sleeping on the sofa at least a couple of nights.

11. You get to wear only those shirts which SHE thinks you look good in, and not what YOU think you look good in.

12. If you haven’t figured this out yet, you should stop arguing right away, because at the end of the day, you’re anyways gonna lose it.


Simply put, you are not the boss anymore, only the decision-approver! And that my friend is the secret to everlasting marital happiness. In spite of all the above points, the way she looks at you still holds your universe together. 

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