#RohtakBravehearts or Bullies? The other side of the coin!

Are the Rohtak Sisters actually Bravehearts or are they plain Bullies? A different twist to the controversy that has been doing the rounds of the internet.


Few days back, we had published a story of two Bravehearts from Rohtak who fought off molesters and chased them away. We actually praised their courage and guts but now there seems to be another side of the story. A proper investigation has been ordered by the Government and we are now waiting for its findings. That is the reason we chose to pull off the original post and update you with the recent happenings.

This is the original video where they fight in the bus:

When some of the journalists interviewed the passengers, it came to light that the it was the girls who started the argument over seats which led to further heated arguments before the girls started hitting the boy. The below video gives a different aspect to this whole controversy. Watch it to judge it yourself.

There is another video doing the rounds of the internet, where the Rohtak Sisters beat up another set of boys. Are they actually #Bravehearts or plain bullies?

Before the results of the investigation is out, we at Tadtoonew choose not to hail anyone as Bravehearts or paint anyone as villains! I hope all of you would do the same.

Featured image source: newsflicks

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