Saluting Ishita Katyal! A TEDx Speaker At The Tender Age of 10!


Ishita Katyal is only ten years old and studies in Pune. Her mother is the proudest mother in the entire nation. With a jetlag and a travel through 13 times zones, this little Wonder child who is also a writer already mustered the courage to speak up in front of an audience that is qualified geeky and nerdy!

And so we wonder what the achievement is!?! Well, the fact that she was the opening Speaker at TED2016 , the conference that encases the brains and brainiacs of the technology , Entertainment and Design, is what none of us , neither you nor I could achieve.

This little girl, wearing a deep velvet suit was welcomed among alpha geeks from technology giants like Google and Tesla and nothing could have fazed her at this ‘Appy shiney” Moment of her life!

“Instead of asking children what they want to do when they grow up, you should ask them what they want to be right now,”. It was this statement that received a thunderous applause from the who’s who of the modern industry.

Her message is simple yet powerful. “Put children first; give kids a chance.!” this is all she wants! This had the nerds and the geeks in the audience beam with pride for this little Ishita who could dare to say with clarity what no one else did!

“My dream for the future is that people think 10 times before raising school fees, a hundred times before going to war with another country, a thousand times before wasting food and water, and ten thousand times before letting their child’s childhood go away,” she said. “I hope you adults can look after the world long enough to give us our chance.”

TED grows bigger and better everyday and so does this Daddy’s little daughter who took the centerstage.

Ishita Katyal , we are proud of you!

Surely India is proud ! We need more of you!

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