Why You Should Scrap Your Plans Of Suicide

No Suicide

Pratyusha Banerjee, the famous TV actress has recently committed suicide. Prior to this other actresses like Jiah Khan, Disha Ganguly, Shikha Joshi and many more have also created news for the same reason. And why only actresses? We have read about poor farmers, overburdened students, tortured wives/girlfriends, and worried businessmen ending their lives before time for various reasons. However, is suicide a real solution? If you have similar tendencies or know someone who does, then this article is definitely a must-read for you.

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Is the purpose really fulfilled?

Why do you want to kill yourself? Do you actually want to end your life or do you only want to end the suffering which has become more prominent than the value of your life? Probably the latter. Now, does committing suicide really put a stop to all that pain? Can it bring you the coveted happiness or peace after death? The answer is no; because the feeling of being devoid of suffering can only be experienced when you are alive! After you have already died you cannot experience ANYTHING (not even peace), and while dying, till your last breath you will not feel good because death itself is a painful experience.

What do you leave behind?

After you die, there would be two types of reactions from people: those who truly love you, like your family and close friends, would be devastated probably for the rest of their lives and those who have never valued you as much would mourn for sometime and then move on. Your suicide is not worth any of these reactions and the worst part is you won’t be there to witness it yourself. You won’t be there to comfort your parents or children or to stop your offender from getting a benefit of doubt.

See the brighter side!

“All this logic definitely doesn’t come to your mind when you are hell-bent on dying because at that point your focus is only on your problem. You miss the point that it is only a phase and it is bound to pass. Now, after so many years, I’m more than just glad that I was unsuccessful in my attempt,” says a 26-year-old suicide survivor, who had slit his wrist when he was only 18. Life is not supposed to be easy. If you think that your life can’t get any worse and you have hit the rock bottom, then it is a good news. You see, now the only way is upward. Your life will certainly become better only if you hold on, stay strong and keep patience.

Get help. Now!

While some people recover through self-realization, others aren’t strong enough to bounce back all by themselves but guess what, it is okay to seek help. It is never too early and never too late. When you have a problem you have to talk about it. You might think no one would understand you, but you have to try and trust me, you will find someone who has, at some point, gone through a similar phase in life. If you are hesitant to share your problems with someone you know or simply do not have anybody that close then do it with a complete stranger. More often than not, they would give you unbiased logical solutions. You can also get professional help if required. There are many websites providing online counseling and therapy. Try them out! These are definitely better ways of dealing with your temporary sadness that just killing yourself.

When you are confused about whether you should give up or not, remember the answer is always NO.

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