Seven Best Breeds Of Dogs To Add Joy To Your Family!

Best Breeds of Dogs

There is no one in this world who cannot fall for the innocence and love that Dogs spread around. Whether you are single or have children in the family, a Dog is truly a man’s best gift. We give you seven best breeds of dogs that you can add to family and bring in prosperity and joy!

7. Golden Retrievers

Intelligent and Eager to please and Active, happy and awesome with children! The Goldens are soft and warm hearted and do not mind children bothering them. Cannot be kept in too hot areas due to excessive hair!

Best Breeds of Dogs
The Loveliest Retrievers
6. Dalmatians

This breed of dogs can sleep in your bed and brush teeth too! . if you love the spots, you cannot find a better companion than this one. Expressive and happy, these dogs can be easily fed and do not fall sick often!

Best Breeds of Dogs
Spotty Dalmations
5. Labradors

Swimmers and runners, this breed of Dogs can make any household happy. No fuss dogs who can sleep in the smallest spaces, just suited for the apartment life!

Best Breeds of Dogs
4. Mastiffs

Now this is a dog that can protect and still not harm. If he senses harm, he will just overthrow the attacker and hold him to the ground till help arrives and not really bite. Very safe with children in a family, this dog loves to please the family members!

Best Breeds of Dogs
3. Beagles

Cute and cuddly, there are not very huge either. Small appetite and sturdy they can run with your and swim too. Easy to train and control, Beagles love their Humans!

Best Breeds of Dogs
2. German Shepherds

This dog looks rough but is the most humble breed ever. All you need is good activity and exercise for them and they can walk with you without the leash as well. Safe in the house, they are social and family dogs and do not bother much.

Best Breeds of Dogs
German Shepherd

This is one cutie pie that is totally brought up like a child. If you want a dog to befriend your child and let your family feel at ease, then this is one! Boxers are loving and friendly and can be trained with ease. They understand directions and instructions are can be loved and cuddled all day!

Best Breeds of Dogs

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