Seven Successful Spy Intelligence Operations To Give You Goose Bumps!!

    Successful Spy Operations

    Talk about a RAW agent and all you get is goosebumps. These stories about undercover agents are really true. We give you some of the most important and widely known Successful Spy Intelligence Operations across the Globe. Match the Guts and the caliber and you are the next BOND!

    Operations MKULTRA

    Agency: CIA

    Countries involved: America

    CIA is known for the weird and strange experimentation and news does leak out. MKULTRA was a mission towards achieving mind control with chemicals and hypnotics. Whether it was achieved or not is not known but a lot of humans serving as Lab rats were given LSD in unimaginable ways and Quantities. YIKESSS!

    Successful Spy Intelligence Operations

    Agency: RAW 

    Countries Involved: India and Burma 

    RAW helped many burmese Rebel groups come together and carry JADE a precious stone across the south east Asia to terminate the anti-democratic uprising. A backfire was the rise of the KIA as the biggest ammunition supplier to the rebel groups creating havoc. RAW rose again and terminated the traitor KIA taking control again!

    Successful Spy Intelligence Operations
    Operations leech

    Agency : MOSSAD

    Countries involved: Europe and Israel

    In 1972 Olympics, 11 athletes are abducted and slaughtered in Munich. In retaliation, Israeli Covert groups kill many conspirators throughout Europe and earn a bad name. Seen the movie Munich based on this operation? Well, now you should!

    Successful Spy Intelligence Operations
    Wrath of God

    Agency: CIA

    Countries Involved: America

    This is one of those plans that backfires and creates hell. Al Qaeda was a planned initiation of rebels, helped and formed by the CIA, and the inception can be traced back to the cold war. The only thing that went wrong is that Al Qaeda blew up on the American Intelligence and took matters in their own hands. The destruction was for the entire world to face!

    Successful Spy Intelligence Operations
    Al Qaeda

    Agency: RAW 

    Countries Involved: India

    This was the mind game played by RAW where in the state of Jammu and Kashmir was able to segregate their motives behind terrorism. RAW was successfully able to create the rift between ISI and Kashmir Rebel Groups thereby reducing the support from ISI and controlling the situation.

    Successful Spy Intelligence Operations

    Agency: RAW 

    Countries Involved: India and Pakistan

    RAW was informed about the supply of very heavy duty arctic gear to the Pakistan army and without wasting time, RAW made the draft plan for the Indian troops to rise to the Siachen and secure it. It was the first ascent of the Indian troops that helped the country gain position before the others and safeguard it!

    Successful Spy Intelligence Operations
    Operation Meghdoot

    Jai Hind!!!

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