Sheer Indulgence In The Best Whiskeys And What They Mean!

Best Whiskies

Made from distilled grains Whiskey is what the lover’s love! A bottle of Whiskey opened can stay good for almost five years. So the next time someone says that Whiskey is BAD, stand up and say it is GOOD! We think that you should know enough about it to be able to brainstorm with the so called ‘Quasi Leaders of the Spirits Haven‘! Here is more to add to your knowledge of the best whiskies so that you enjoy your drink like a connoisseur!

1. Cheers to Bourbon
best Whiskies
Kentucky Bourbons

What is it : The greatest contribution that Kentucky made besides KFC!

Distinguished by: Oakiness and aroma of vanilla in a cask

Definitely worth a try: Buffalo’s trace, Bulleit and Wild turkey. Thank us later!

Try what: Aah! get it added to a cocktail if that is what you want. Simply bask in the aroma with a couple of ice cubes floating in it!

2. Tennessee Whiskey: The Bourbon Brothers
Best Whiskies
Tennessee Whiskey

What is it : Though there is not much difference between this and the Bourbon, you can get shot by Country Singers if you call this a Bourbon. It is just the improvisation with the “Drip through Charcoal”method, literally of course!

Distinguished by: Mellower than the kentucky Cousin Bourbon and a bit sweeter! Not to forget that everything seems beautiful after a drink or two!

Definitely worth a try: Jack Daniels, What else could taste better?

Try what: Don’t even think of Jack And Coke! Just like that! On the rocks!

3. Rye Whiskey is so Rye!
Best Whiskies
Rye Whiskies

What is it : Here is a puzzle to describe it the best – ” For the Rye to be Rye it needs Rye!”. Simply stated that the composition by more than half, has to be of Rye!

Distinguished by: Sweetness of the classic bourbon gets a tight slap from the Rye Whiskey that has a stricter, stickier flavour getting spicier with every inch down your throat. Oh! By the way, this one was made by Mr. Washington himself! Need we recommend more?

Definitely worth a try: Jim beams – every whiskey drinkers love?

Try what: Classics like Manhattans and Sazeracs that are just too tempting !

4.  Here it is, The Scotch of course!
Best Whiskies
Single Malts

What is it : Every man thinks he gets manlier with a couple of drinks of Scotch. Basically a malt that sits idle in a cask for three years doing nothing, though you can get confused between single and blended malts! And here is another reason to “Just drink up!”

Distinguished by:  Ahh! the Smoky Old man aroma, the original peat and the wooden notes that intensify with each passing moment.

Definitely worth a try: Glenfiddich, Glenlivet and the other wired named Glens, also Johnny Walker and the other shiny beautiful bottles in your boss’s Collection!

Try what: The whiskey czars will kill you if you even think of adding something to this!

5. Irish Whiskey is really Irish
Best Whiskies
Irish Whiskeys

What is it : Well, very rightly it is known as Water in Dublin, with triple penetration in a cask for three years, it is hugely popular blended whiskey!

Distinguished by:  Sweet and distinct taste which has the wooden and peat noted in moderation

Definitely worth a try: Jameson, Bushmills and Locke’s

Try what: Try the Irish tea, like truly a tea made with this. There are also odds that you know what a CarBomb is!

6. Japanese Whiskey is Jap?
best Whiskies
Jap Whiskey

What is it : No! Contrary to your guess, it is not made of rice! In fact it is quite close to single malt and blended whiskies.

Distinguished by:  Coming from the highest distillery in the world, the Suntory’s Hakushu Distillery does a fine job for this. Universal taste but individual quality and a trademark japanese sweetness!

Definitely worth a try: Hakushu 12, Yoichi and Takestru

Try what: Yes lovely! just add Ice and tell your brain that you have a cocktail.

Remember us when you enjoy the drink….and remember to Hold the drink for a bit longer! And if you really enjoyed the post, just add your comments in the section below!

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