Some tragic deaths of very Beautiful and Appealing Celebrities we still miss !!!!

Tragic Deaths

Fame and Fortunes come together, but a famous person’s life may always not be the hunky dory fairy tale life that it may appear to be. There is a deeper, darker, evil side to it too! And it is this part of their life, which is synonymous with tragedies and deaths. Whether it was a famous musician, or a heavenly beautiful actress or even a celebrity famous for her family name and beauty, they have not had perfect lives and ended with tragic deaths.

Here is a tribute to the most beautiful women who were famously talented and died tragically leaving the world in a state of mourning! They may be no more but they are remembered for their wit, beauty and name. Read on for a moist heart!

“One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by Sadness- Jackie Kennedy”

A globally recognized figure, a ravishing beauty, a global fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy was married to President JFK until he was shot dead in 1963. The pink Chanel Suit she wore that fateful day is still famous. She then married an infamous shipping tycoon and loneliness loomed again in her life in 1974 with her second husband’s death.

With a wedding as grand as that of Cinderella, she married the shipping baron Onassis, on his private island. With her husband’s death, she was estimated to have a fortune of USD 44 Million, which was passed on to her children after her death. Her diagnosis with Cancer is what eventually took her life. Almost 30 years later, she still remains a heart stealer. Her style statement could never be superseded and she is still considered to be one of the most fashionable women of all time!

Tragic Deaths


“Naari ka doosra naam hai Seva- Smita Patil”

The queen of offbeat Hindi cinema, Smita Patil’s movies like Arth, Ardh Satya and Bhumika were a proof that she would conquer many hearts for a very long time.  Dusky, earthy and ethereal, this lady was not just beautiful, she was a mind blowing social activist who progressively worked toward upliftment of women and their betterment. In fact, most of her choices of film characters were based on the relativity of the movie script with the issues being faced at that time.

She married the talented Actor Raj Babbar, after falling in love with him madly and despite knowing that he was already married with children. Unfortunately, she could not see the better days in love and family. She died in 1986 with complications due to child birth and her dreams were left uncovered!

Smita Patil’s sister, Manya Patil Seth has gone on record to say that her lovely, benevolent sister died of a heart break!Whether she died of a broken heart, sobbing from within or not is not ascertained, but her death was a loss to the fraternity and mankind.

Tragic Deaths
“I am alone; I am always alone, no matter what- Marilyn Monroe”

The first sex symbol of Hollywood, this doe-eyed beauty was found dead with an overdose of pills. This created public outrage because her fans could never believe it. While her death has been related to and identified as a successful suicide attempt, more than half of the world believes that she was murdered.

With a troubled childhood in foster homes, she landed into a gig as a model and eventually settled in to acting. She was also the cover girl on the iconic Playboy Magazine in 1953. Along with three marriages, she was also linked to several high profile men.

The final years of her life were not colorful. She was a manic depressive and addicted to sleeping pills. This is what eventually led to her death with her hand by the telephone. Though she overdosed at just 36 years of age, she must have been very lonely to do that to herself.

Tragic Deaths
“I don’t want to play second leads or third leads in a film. I started working at 17. I still have a long way to go- Jiah Khan”

A beauty to kill for, this singer/actor who made a scintillating appearance in Nishabd, died too young. A suicide note was later found, which was directly pointed at her Boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi. The dusky actress’s death sent the media and the nation in to frenzy. She ended her life by hanging herself fatally from the ceiling fan at her residence. While the “I-don’t-like-Jiah Khan-types” cited her failed career as the reason of her fatigue with life, her fans truly believe that it was her broken heart that made her do it.

Whatever, it may have been, this death was a scandal and is still alive in the tabloids!

Tragic Deaths
Acting is what I do best. I’m not trained for anything else and I enjoy it -Elizabeth Hartman”

A redhead and an epitome of woman hood, Elizabeth Hartman jumped to fame in 1966 with her scintillating performance in the film “A Patch of Blue”. Not only did she win herself an Academy Award Nomination for this, but she became the most talked about woman in the entertainment bizz.

She spent most of her time reading and brooding, but simultaneously she played the leading characters in movies like ‘The Group”, “You are a Big Boy Now” and “The Fixer”. She was able to weave her magic on Broadway as well. But despite the destiny that had taken her to the heights, she met depression at the youthful age of just 45. She called her doctor and complained of melancholy. On the same day and a little later, she jumped to her death from her fifth floor apartment.

All those who saw her die said that she was too beautiful to die!

Tragic deaths
An Artist’s muse can’t be better than her –Parveen Babi

“Shaan”, “Deewar” and “Namak Halal”, are some names of Bollywood movies that almost every one may have seen at least once. Name Parveen Babi and you would hear half the room sighing! Tragically, she died after organ failure due to starvation! Her personal life was as colorful as her professional life. Though she was not married, she had a string or relationships.

The most volatile and infamous was her painful affair with Mahesh Bhatt. The murder of this relationship due to the media frenzy made her schizophrenic and she escaped to New York for 6 years from 1983. She did come back in 1989 but lived in constant fear of internal demons and her battles within. She was found dead in 2005, after the society secretary found out that she had not been opening the door for collecting milk and news papers also.

Her dead body had Gangrene of the left foot. The pictures released in the newspapers are too gory to look at!

Tragic Deaths
“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that but that’s the way I am- Princess Diana”

The People’s Princess, Princess of Wales, Diana had no match in the royal family for her tremendous passion for life and an ocean of a heart. She was emotionally inclined to meeting terminally ill patients and was involved in many charities. Her marriage followed by a divorce threw her in to the public eye, where her every move was being scrutinized and every smile was being calculated. She was fist linked to a heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan and later to Dodi fayed, the son of a very wealthy business man.

Princess Diana died at the age of 36 when she accompanied by Dodi Fayed in Paris, was paparazzi chased on the streets of Paris. A high speed car collision killed all three of them!

Tragic Deaths
“Those who walk tall stumble in the paths of life- Meena Kumari”

Entering the Hindi Film Industry as a beautiful child actor, this divinely beautiful lady worked in almost 90 films till she died in 1972. Her movie “Pakeezah” released creating national impact and three weeks later she was diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis. A legend by herself, this lady had no money to pay her hospital bills at the time of her death. Alcoholism is what ate into her life, primarily after she failed miserably in her love.

Still remembered as one of the most beautiful women in the history of Mankind, Meena Kumari was pitiable when she died.

Tragic Deaths
Death is a reality that we all have to face for sure. But an untimely death leaves a sigh of grief on all those who witness it!

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