Innocent Children Born to Criminal Parents And Are Celebrities Now!

Celebrities born to Criminal Parents

How many times have you seen a celebrity and gaped at their lifestyles? And wondered what you could do to step into their shoes? But it does actually take a lot out of their lives to reach where they eventually stand. Some of the celebrities we blatantly proclaim love for, live through very turbulent childhoods and attain success only after they have been run away from some very evil memories.

While some parents of the celebrities have been booked for drug abuse and thefts, some have also committed crimes like contract killings and then been imprisoned. Some star parents were able to mend their ways in life and move forward becoming better human beings, and some parents of well-known celebrities have been fined and imprisoned repeatedly?

How does it feel to world famous and have a troubling parent who is hell bent on making your life hell?

How does it feel to be born to Criminal Parents ?

Demi Moore
Pretty rosy cheeked, this lovely damsel was in distress! Born to parents who divorced very early, she was raised by her mother and a step-father, both of whom battled alcoholism. Her mother was not a kind mother at all. She was convicted of Arson and drunken driving many times and her problems with the law were always omnipresent. Irritated with everything going berserk, the father committed  suicide a couple of years later.
This child ran away from the fears within and is now “The Demi Moore”. Apart from being supremely talented and wonderful at heart, there is certain innocence about her that no one could snatch.
criminal Parents
Leighton Meester
This baby’s troubles started pretty early. She was born while her mother was serving a ten year sentence in a prison. She had been convicted of an involvement in a drug ring. Both her parents were involved in this mess and served prison sentences for alleged drug dealings and smuggling.
Her mother had been given the special permission to deliver in the hospital, but she had to return to the prison after the child had been delivered. Only the angels know, what this little child must have gone through while being brought up. With no motherly love around her, one would assume her to have a hardened heart.
But to surprise the world, this hell of a beauty has carved a niche for herself with her refined acting skills and successes that speak about her. And imagine, the first thing that she may have recognized was a prison?
Criminal Parents
Billy Bob Thornton
This one may come as a surprise to you but it sure is a fact. Billy Bob Thornton had a mean father who had been booked for child abuse and man handling. It was openly declared by his mother, that his father would hit Billy Bob Thornton, wildly on the head which she aptly described as a ‘horror’. And Billy remembers every bit of it, as intensely as it happened.
In fact he encourages all those who are living with violence, to retaliate as strongly as possible and not take a beating with the head bowed down.
Criminal Parents
Charlize Theron
Her father was an alcoholic who abused the mother and the daughter for years together. Apart from cheating on them, he would beat them mercilessly. One fine night, when he tried attacking them again, Charlize ran upstairs and heard a gunshot follow her. Her mother shot her father that night in self-defense. Though her mother was tried for it as a murder, eventually she was let of on grounds of self-defense.
Now see her on screen and you would know how much courage it takes to face the world after a bloody past like this.
Criminal Parents
Christina Aguilera
Christina documented her woes in a song “I’m Okay”. Though her father denies it, but Christina went on record to state that her father Fausto used to physically abuse her mother, her sister and herself. His criminal links and backgrounds, made him violent towards the family and though they did try to restrain him through a court, he proved it otherwise.
Now wonder, this beautiful face has so much pain in it, something that almost no makeover can hide.
Criminal parents
Toby Maguire
This handsome man’s childhood seems quite unbelievable. Yes, our own Spiderman, the super-hero and his father was a thief! That too not a reputed one!  He committed a robbery in broad daylight, right across the road from his home, without a mask or a gun and guess what he looted? A Bank!
He was arrested, convicted and spent 2 years imprisoned for it. And when asked why he would do something as stupid as this, he said that his sister leaving two children with him burdened him with responsibility. And some time later his son became the evil fighting, people’s super hero – the Spider man! What an irony could that be?
Criminal Parents
Drew Barrymore
An actor by Profession, John Barrymore was arrested for being drunk in public. And this was not once but many times. Apart from being drunk, Drew Barrymore’s father was also booked for Drug Abuse and spouse abuse in the early years of their family life.
While he died a natural death in 2003, Drew Barrymore learnt life the hard way. It is her good karma that makes her a diva globally followed.
Criminal Parents
Kellie Pickler
With a father battling Drug abuse while she was still a child, this little girl’s childhood was nothing easy. While there were certain unlawful cases registered against her mother too, but her mother was never convicted. Kellie picker’s father also served a three year jail term for stabbing someone and this made the little girl just grow up!
With a heart of gold, Pickler is as naughty as a toddler. She is a perfect example of a good heart in bad surroundings.
Criminal Parents
As they say: you are destined to nothing before the right time and more than your share!

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