Super Humans With Natural Superhuman Powers! Did You Know?


“If you can drive for 12 hours without stopping and think you are divine” OR “f you think by staying awake for a night and working you should be awarded the Nobel prize for endurance” — This is an Eye Opener for you. We give you the most Unusual Superhuman powers that exist within us!

Rusty Haight – The Human Crash Dummy

He has the ability to get strapped in the car with hundreds of sensors and rams into the wall. He has survived 718 crashes so far for testing the safety of the cars being manufactured.

Stephen Wiltshire- Crazy Memory Man

He sees something for a couple of seconds and then can draw the exact thing to the most accurate details. He once flew over New York City in a helicopter and sketched the same in a matter of minutes.

Memory man
Daniel Browning Smith-  The Flexible Rubber Boy

What do you call a man who can dislocate his shoulder and fit through an UnSpun Tennis racket? Rubber Ball may be!

Rubber Boy
Hai Ngoc – Never Sleep Ever

He caught a flu in 1973 and since then he has never slept. Not even a wink and the most unusual part is that it does not affect him or his activities at all.

No Sleep Ever
Wim Hof – Ice Man

So he is not just impervious to cold but he climbed the Mount Everest in nothing more than a pair of shorts. Writing this is making me freeze!

Ice Man
Tim Cridland –  Feel No Pain

This gentle man can pass needles and skewers through any part of his body to make you gape in horror and possibly faint, but he feels no pain.

Tim feels no pain
 Liew Thow Lin –  The Magnet in Blood

Throw anything of iron at him and he can stick it to his body. This man has the ability to stick things on his body like a magnet. Good for the Gangstah’s ehh?


 We are so looking for you if you have any of this and can challenge them!!

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