Ten Facts About Cricketers That You Should Know If You Love Them!!

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While you enjoy the game of cricket to a throttle, here are some facts about cricketers to bowl you over!

1. David Morrison’s Hands

45 years of wicket keeping and this man is anything but a safe pairs of hands. All fingers and thumbs were broken and all he would do is apply ice and frozen pea packs to reduce the pain and keep playing. Now that is what you call being tough. Take a look!

Facts about cricketers

2. Ganguly -The Best Ever

Saurav Ganguly is the only Indian player to have scored a century in the Knockout stages of the World Cup!

Facts about Cricketrs

3. Solar powered Stadium

The Chinnaswamy Stadium at Bangalore is the world’ First Solar powered stadium and the entire project was completed in just 50 days. Now that is what you call efficiency!

Facts about Cricketers
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4. Kapil Dev – the Test of the Test match

Never was he ever declared run out in the Test matches. The only one he did not play in his career was when Gavaskar kept him out for disciplinary action. The two other times a wicket was called, it was the other batsman. Surprisingly enough, it was Syed Kirmani both the times!

Facts about Cricketers

5. Chris Gayle- When Hitting a Six is a habit

He stands as the only player to have hit a sixer of the first ball of a test match

Facts about Cricketers

6. Alec Stewart- when your birthday matters

He was born on 8-4-63 which is the eighth day of the fourth month on the year 1963 and he has scored a total of 8463 runs in Test Matches .

Facts about Cricketers

7. Divine Numbers in the Match

on the morning of 11/11/11 South Africa needed 111 runs to win against Australia at 11:11 am on the morning of 11/11/11.  This was the first test match between Australia and South Africa in cape town in 2011.

Facts about Cricketers

8. To be Hanged till Death

The only player to be hung till his death in a murder conviction was Leslie Hylton from West Indies.

Facts about cricketers

9. Not my Own Bat-Afridi

Shahid Afridi played with a bat borrowed from Waqar Younis for marking the fastest century in the ODIs

Facts about Cricketers

10. Shoaib Akhtar – The Speed Measured

A total of 400 years of cricket history, electronically measured , the fastest ball was at a speed of 161.3 kms/ hour . This was Shoaib Akhtar bowling to Nick Knite in 2003 for the World Cup hosted by South Africa.

Facts about Cricketers


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