The Journey Awaits- A Virtual Tour Of The Beatles Ashram You Never Knew About !!

Beatles Ashram

Nearly fifty years ago, an ancient temple which was the abode to Maharishi Maha Yogi, the Guru to the Beatles, pulled the Fab four to come to Rishikesh for an extended course in Transcendental Meditation. Here are some facts about the Beatles Ashram that you might not have heard of!

The White Album of the Beatles was composed here!
Beatles Ashram
The songs were composed here in the domes
The FAB 4 minus Ringo Studied Transcendental Meditation in this Ashram!
Beatles Ashram
And they happily stayed here
The Ashram stands abandoned from 1997 and has a creepy feel to it now!
Beatles Ashram
The Abandoned Corridors
The Most attractive feature was the Meditation Domes atop the dormitories. Such was the influence and peace that Beatles found that the song”I am the Eggman” is written about these domes.
Beatles Ashram
I am the Eggman… Am I ?
Beatles did the “OM” Sessions in the water chambers where the sound resonated and percolated beneath the skin.
Beatles Ashram
Meditating to the OM
The Beatles left the Ashram after being deceived by the Maharishi with his demands for money.

Atleast that is a pure claim made by people who stayed there in the duration of the Beatles Visit. In the Song Sexy Sadie, it is John Lennon’s pain of deceit when he sings ” You made a fool of everyone”.That You is the Maharishi!

Beatles Ashram
He is the YOU
It was the Beatles visit for the plunge into Meditation that made this place public and known. Else it was now known to anyone. And after they left hurt and dejected, it has now been almost swallowed by the forest.
Beatles Ashram
The ruins sing the songs
The walls of the Ashram have now been covered by graffiti and quotes made by their fans and the place sees a mix of Modern art and traditional hindu mythological characters blended into music and art.
Beatles Ashram
The walls are For the Beatles too!

You can reach here by road and trains. Located at Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, this Ashram is for many secrets that it beholds. And if by chance you do visit it, do share some pictures with us. 

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