How ‘The Retyrement Plan’ Creates Magic by Recycling Industrial Wastes

The Retyrement Plan

Anu Tandon Vieira, a long-term freelance designer, always had her inner voice encouraging her to do something for the environment. In her pursuit of going green she not only chalked out her recycle, reuse and reduce plans but also founded The Retyrement Plan. This Mumbai-based small-scale one-woman-enterprise is dedicated towards making use of industrial wastes, byproducts and cast offs as raw materials for uniquely beautiful and colorful furniture and other home decor items.

Till a few years ago, recycling was a very obvious and natural thing to do with us wearing our older cousin’s clothes, making skirts, bags, etc out of used sarees and curtains and choosing to repair more than buy. Even the use of plastic was much less with soft drinks being sold in glass bottles and us always carrying our personal cloth or jute bags for shopping. With the rise of more emphasis on convenience than ecological factors, the amount of waste per person has increased drastically, especially in urban areas and in industries.  Anu Tandon Vieira, on noticing the potential of industrial wastes set her mind on formulating a plan to rightfully address this issue.

Be it used tyres, plastic wrappers, discarded flex signboards, printing and tailoring wastes or wooden scraps, The Retyrement Plan has the knowledge, creativity and skills to transform them into objects that are useful, durable and attractive to look at.

The Retyrement Plan

While saving so many junk items from their woeful destiny of ending up in a dump yard, Anu has taken junk art to a whole new level. She literally creates magic with her recycling techniques! But it definitely takes much more than just a swish of a wand to make it happen. Anu works with multiple artisans with various skill sets, spends time with them, trains them and guides them individually with her designing knowledge and vision.  Each product is manufactured with a lot of care and passion and absolutely no haste. It takes more than a week to make one piece of furniture from scratch but the end result is totally worth it!

The USP of these products is that they are made from things that are either recyclable or extremely long-lasting. A well-used tyre might look worn out but it is still very strong and resistant to damage. They are properly cleaned and often painted to make them usable as the base of chairs, pouffes and ottomans. The plastic wrappers and fabric wastes are twisted into colorful ropes and woven around the frames to form the body of the furniture. The result is a hard-wearing aesthetic marvel.

The Retyrement Plan has active Facebook and Pinterest accounts where you can check out the furniture line, enquire about the prices and also place orders.

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