These 12 Terrifying Places Can Actually Send A Chill Down Your Spine

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Apart from the common roads and blocks we walk by every day, and some of the common geographical points that we recognize out of pictures, there is quite a lot more to the world. There are strange places that defy all laws of sanctity and weird phenomena that have no explanations right here! Amongst us! Amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and cities!

While some places are spooky, some are strange geographical phenomena that people have been able to find no explanations for. Some staircases, some roads, some pits and some skies are just extra ordinary. Not eerie, not spooky, not scary but just different!

Read on to know what you have been missing for long!

1. Manchac Swamp, New Orleans

Manchac Swamp - terrifying places
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This swamp is beautiful! Though it may sound ironic to you, but it actually is, the  weird thing about this is the presence of a swamp itself in such a place. New Orleans does not geographically suit the presence of the swamp, yet this swamp here is beautiful, spooky, graceful and filled with alligators. The most scintillating feature of the swamp is the trees. No, the trees here do really scare you! They seem more like mad men bending down, rather than the shade providing trees.

2. The Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan

The Gates of Hell  - terrifying places

Turkmenistan is God’s own country. Literally! 1971 witnessed a Soviet Drilling activity gone wrong which created a hole to leak out dangerous gases. Now this is not something uncommon in drills and holes. It was unanimously decided that the best way to stop this leakage was to burn it. So a fire was put to the pits. Sounds normal so far? The terrifying fact is that this hole has been burning since then. The glow can be seen from miles away. It has been burning for the last 44 years and no one knows why! And no soul can tell us for how long this would continue to burn! It is a mighty miracle to see a 328 foot wide hole, just burning away to glory!

3. Actun Tunichil Muknal

Actun Tunichil Muknal  - terrifying places

Right in the middle of Belize, this cave Crystal Sepulchre, is an archaeological Mayan Site. It is obvious to find remains and Skeletons at such a site. But the surprising thing is the resident of this ancient house – The Crystal Maiden. This skeleton is of a young girl who was victimized and put for Human Sacrifice. Now all this seems normal but the moment you set your eyes on the skeleton, you would be able to figure out a sheer shine out of the calcified bones. Though this is not spooky but something about this entire place and this glistening skeleton in it makes you have the goose bumps. Take a look for fun sake and you would spend an evening pondering about it.

4. Rotuara, New Zealand

Rotuara,New Zealand - terrifying places

Boiling mud pools that have no explanation in reference to their existence! A city on the shore of New Zealand, this place has something terribly wrong with the underground temperatures. This is why there are many natural geysers that pop out here. And then there is this terrifying, weird looking, and bubbly mud popping all day and night. These mud geysers are an international tourist craze and even though this place is famous for the “Rotten Egg Aroma”, many people do come here just to see this, and I wonder why?

Makes me wonder what would be so attractive about a rotten egg smell.

5. Dhanushkodi, India

DhanushKodi - terrifying places

India has been aptly called the land of mysteries and just in case you want to feel a little spooked and thrilled at the same time, pack your bags and rush to Dhanushkodi. Now there is no ghost sighting that has ever been reported in this place, yet this place has something different about it. The sands, the air and the skies will leave you with a chill down your spine. According to the mythology, Lord Rama had built a bridge of stones to rescue the Goddess Sita, after she had been held captive at the Ravan’s Palace in Sri Lanka. This bridge was miraculously made of stones that could float in water and connected the southernmost tip of India and Sri Lanka. While coming back, Lord Rama had hit a Bow –“dhanush in Hindi” from this place to destroy it and hence the name.

You don’t find ghosts walking around this beautiful beach but you would not want to wander out alone as well. Now something sure is funny because you cannot stay at this place for a night. The nearest place is Rameshwaram and you can find accommodation there. But you can’t stay here for the night! Something is fishy for sure !

6. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The Island of the Dolls - terrifying places

Scary and haunted! This place is held up in the middle of innumerable canals and streams – a morbid place, to say the least. The Island of Dolls is famous for tattered doll parts hanging from trees, and lying scattered on the grounds. The story goes that a man found a dead girl’s body lying by the side of the canal, and he took it up upon himself to ward off evil spirits from the place.

7. Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy

Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo - terrifying places

A cemetery, which was made out of necessity, because it was overrun. The scary part of this is that these underlying crypts were excavated to make room for more. The excavated crypts were then placed outside for a natural mummification process.  Later on, this went on to be a status symbol, and citizens were vying for a place to be up there in one of their best clothing ranges.

8. Kawah Ijen Volcano, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen Volcano - terrifying places

The Kawah Injen volcano in Indonesia a terrifying place as well as a spectacular one at the same time. The island peak has unimaginable bursts of sulphuric gas emissions that touch a 1,000°F and burn as they spread along the cracks – free flowing and terrifying. The gases at times turns into condensed liquid sulfur, a shade of a surreal blue and flows down the hills like molten lava .

9. Skeleton Lake, India

 - terrifying places

So there is the post card perfect picture of a lake with the mighty hills in the back ground and at some specific time in the recent past, the waters of the glaciers started melting. Blame it on us humans for sure! This Lake very beautifully called the Roopkund Lake actually revealed skeletal remnants of around 200 humans, who have been dated back to almost 1200 years of fossilization. While some claim that this could have been a natural disaster, some claim that the Goddess Nanda Devi lashed out on some people making noise and disturbing her in the state of meditation. I sure want to know why these 200 people went there and why did they die and most importantly, why have they been revealed now ?

10. Christ Of Abyss, Italy

Christ Of Abyss - terrifying places

The statue is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. A 8 foot tall immemorial work of art was created by sculptor Guido Galletti and put in place by diver Duilio Marcante in the year 1954. Marcante wanted to pay tribute to his friend Dario Gonzatti when he died at the exact spot where his friend  died.  And hence, Christ of the Abyss took birth.

11. Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital - terrifying places

This spooky German hospital, was a major tuberculosis sanatorium, which has a torrid history of housing war heroes of World War-I and also a soldier named Adolf Hitler during that period. It also has a history of acting as a store house of dangerous chemical weapons and machine guns. The picture above is the dilapidated surgery and the psychiatric wards have been left to rot with time and age. Imagine the creeps this would give you during the darkness of the nights.

12. Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi, India

Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi - terrifying places

This is a magnificent temple in Andhra Pradesh and is a marvelous creation of ancient architecture. There are in totality 70 pillars in the entire temple. All this seems normal. Just when you are busy engaging with the activities and blatantly praising the architectural wonders, you would spot an unusual pillar amongst the 70 in the temple. This is unusual because it hangs. Why? How? No one has been able to answer it. This makes the entire temple more mysterious than ever.

So get yourself a steaming hot cuppa tea! I am sure you have as boggled a mind as I have after reading this!

Keep coming back for more! Many strange things happen and we love following them. Know about a mysterious place that we missed? Put it on the comments and we will add them right here!

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